The Launching of CoolBlog Geisha Garden - Yubari Melon and Sakura Lemon

July 27, 2021

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 has give us a hope especially we are in the hard time due to pandemic. Due to Olympic Games Tokyo, Coolblog has launched Geisha Garden campaign by introduce two new smoothies drinks that portrait the uniqueness of Japan : Yubari Melon and Sakura Lemon. Geisha Garden campaign will available in July until August 2021.

Yubari Melon: Taste the freshness and sweetness of  Yubari melon. Yubari melon is one of the favourite fruit in Japan. The premium melon mixed with cream cheese and brown sugar pearl jelly. One sip of Yubari melon remind me the beauty of Japan. The smooth and sweet melon quench my thirst.

Heard about Sakura Lemon, this remind me of Sakura season in Japan. I miss the sakura moment in Japan and now Sakura Lemon fulfil my sweet moment in Japan. Since this month is Olympic fever and involve Malaysian athletes, Smoothies Sakura Lemon is represent our support to Malaysia athletes in this year Olympic. Sakura Lemon consist of fresh sakura and lemon juice that perfect to drink during this hot season.

During the launching,  Lew Sue Li, Executive Head, Coolblog said, " Geisha Garden campaign launched at all Coolblog outlets and introduce the uniqueness of the two drinks to Coolblog fans. In conjunction of Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, Coolblog staff come out with creative idea by using Japan as an inspiration. Coolblog believes the new series of drinks will be Cool lovers favourite after several success introduces new drinks based on different countries. 

Don't forget to grab both of new drinks during this Geisha Garden campaign that start on 22 Julai 2021 until 26 August 2021. Yubari Melon and Sakura Lemon availabe at all Coolblog outlets nationwide. For more information regarding this campaign, do check out or their official instagram @CoolBlogMalaysia.

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