Stay Glowing and Flawless with MixBerry Yogurt Qhita Beauty

July 12, 2021

Feel like your everyday makeup is getting a little more boring? If you’re stuck in a beauty rut and have no idea how to look good without makeup, check out MixBerry Yogurt Qhita Beauty.

Beside giving my skin extra care, I take MixBerry Yogurt daily to improve my skin texture. MixBerry Yogurt contains natural ingredients such as strawberry, mixed berries, beetroot, yogurt, milk and Vitamin C. 

The benefits of consume MixBerry Yogurt:-

  • Skin brightening
  • Improve our eyesight
  • Stronger nail
  • Healthy hair root
  • Improve our energy
  • Prevent Tiredness
  • Decrease the craving for food
  • Help for lose weight 
How to consume MixBerry Yogurt?

Step 1: Take one scoop MixBerry Yogurt and mix with 150ml of plain water.
Step 2: Drink every morning and night before breakfast and before sleep.

Packaging and Texture

MixBerry Yogurt comes in a powder foam and packed in a black plastic bottle. Easy to consume as it taste exactly like yogurt drink. The sweetness of the taste is from the natural fruits sweetness. After consume 1 weeks, I realize I less craving for food and my skin texture more glowing and brighter.

MixBerry Yogurt is priced at RM80 per bottle. For purchase, you can direct message the agent via her instagram: or Whatapps Kak Siti at 0137737330. Any purchase that make, you will entitle for free gift (*While stock last)

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