Review: [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoules

July 14, 2021

 The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoules is unlike any ampoules I've come across before and it is worth taking out for a spin. This ampoules stood out to me as it help to those that are concern about ageing and sagging.

About [ comfort zone ]

comfort Zone is a professional skin care brand founded in 1996 in Italy with a conscious, science-based approach combining performance and sustainability. With a 20-year heritage in the spa industry along with constant innovation, [ comfort zone ] offers result-oriented, clean formulas and spa treatments for face and body.

The products show a visible result whereby you will notice glowing and rejuvenation skin within 7 days! comfort zone presents two new ampoules - Hydramemory Hydra & Glow and Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoules that are the perfect intensive and alternative home-care solution.  The products are free from animal derivatives, artificial colorant, fragrance and Parabens which is deal for Vegans and those  looks for sustainable and transformational skin care.  I've been using Sublime skin lift & First ampoules and will be sharing more on this. 

Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoules

I have been lookout for a skincare that addresses my fine lines, pigmentation and sagging skin. The Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoules which promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and increase skin elasticity sounded promising to me.

The ampoules comes in individual tubes neatly arranged in a solid sturdy box that “sits nicely and neatly. Simply twist open the nozzle and squeeze out the ampoule into your palm.

Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoules is an anti-aging concentrate that contain active ingredients that makes my wrinkles less visible and more lifted. This ampoule is recommend for mature skin 40+ years, and in presence of premature aging signs such as wrinkles and loss of tone.

Texture and Ingredients

Lightweight ampoules that absorb well into my skin. It's easy to apply and non sticky. Each of the ampoules contain a generous amount of the product. Let's take a look on the active ingredients:-

  • ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE 1- A biomimetic peptide inhibiting muscle contraction mechanisms, mimicking the action of botox.
  • EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR (EGF)- A plant-based protein promoting skin regeneration for more fullness and tone. It stimulates the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin to increase skin elasticity.
  • MACRO HYALURONIC ACID- A very active moisturizing and replumping high-tech ingredient providing an immediate firming and lifting effect.

This is 94.5% natural ingredients and fragrance free.

After using it about a week, I noticed a slight improvement in the firmness in my skin. I am liking how my skin looks younger and glowing. I would recommend it as part of a skin maintenance routine too. Now Sublime Skin Lift & Firm Ampoules is having a promotion for the priced of RM258 and you will get a Free Sublime Skin Serum  (8ml) worth RM150.

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Lift & First Ampoules can be purchased at Comfort Zone’s Official’s Lazada and Shopee Mall at

More information, check out comfort zone social media  and website




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