June 10, 2021

There are more important things in the world than cucumber garnishes, but sometimes the unimportant is a welcome diversion - especially after the year we’ve all had. This 14 June, Hendrick’s Gin invites all to escape the conventional and embrace the unusual on World Cucumber Day as we celebrate this most remarkable fruit and the endless possibilities it brings! 

World Cucumber Day is an annual celebration, which sees the curious gin maker hero the remarkable fruit by adding delightful peculiarity to everyday things. Curious-minded individuals may observe the day each year by embracing the unusual with a refreshing Hendrick’s & Tonic in hand, garnished perfectly with a cucumber. Ready yourself with a curious mind, a mighty ‘green’ eye and this most remarkable of fruits (or ‘vegetable’ or ‘gourd’ if you prefer), to seek a little adventure from the comfort of your home. 

Explore the possibilities with the most classic libation 
Hendrick’s Gin has always held the humble cucumber in the highest regard. The spirit’s distillation process includes the curious yet marvelous infusion of rose and cucumber, which yields an extraordinarily smooth gin that is a rare union of lightness and complexity. The addition of cucumber to a tall glass of Hendrick’s & Tonic unfurls the full majesty of the glacially elegant flavours within the gin and releases the full poetry of the utterly balanced gin. Whether it’s a classic curl, elegant spears, an unusual tongue or a bold wedge, the cucumber gives ample opportunity for expressive experimentation in shape and size that is sure to please the eye as well as the palate.

Classic Curl

Elegant Spears

An Unsual Tougue

Grab a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin, some tonic water and a cucumber or two to explore the wondrous possibilities of the most peculiar libation, a Hendrick’s & Tonic. Each bottle purchased at Boozeat and The Good Stuff* comes in a crate complete with cucumbers and a pack of cucumber seeds so you can cultivate the unusual in time for harvest at the next World Cucumber Day. 

Escape to a Hendrick’s universe with a keen, ‘green’ eye 
If you’re yearning for a little escape from the ordinary, Hendrick’s Gin offers a window into another reality on this special occasion. Imagine a world where cucumbers walk, float and fly. Now isn’t that just wondrous? Seek a virtual escape to the unusual with Southeast Asia Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, Charmaine Thio, on Instagram @crazycocktailcat where an augmented reality (AR) filter awaits. At your cue, transform the most ordinary of landscapes into a whimsical world with cucumbers galore. 

Wander the Hendrick’s universe in search of a special cucumber, capture a selfie with it, post it on your Instagram Stories tagging @hendricksginsea. The five most creative submissions will reap handsome rewards with a crate full of Hendrick’s & Tonic essentials**. 

Here’s a hint to help in your search for the special fruit we seek: 
“Harvested and infused to create a gin made most oddly,
June 14th marks the day this fruit’s power is the most mighty.
Enter the portal to the unusual and find the fruit most peculiar; 
Crowned and cloaked, glistening in gold, it really can’t look any cooler.” 

Charmaine Thio, Southeast Asia Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, comments, “The infusion of cucumber in Hendrick’s Gin makes for a concoction that is delightfully peculiar yet extraordinarily inviting. Each year, we dedicate World Cucumber Day to this noble fruit and give it all the attention it deserves. This year, Hendrick’s Gin turns the mighty cucumber into a key to unlock a much-needed escape from the unconventional - whether it’s searching for a special cucumber in a virtual Hendrick’s world or getting creative with cucumber garnishes. All that’s left is for curious minds to join us in the wondrous possibilities World Cucumber Day has to offer. I hope that this provides a welcome diversion from our daily routines and I can’t wait to see how gin lovers embrace the unusual in their cucumber-fuelled celebrations this year.” 

*Subject to store operating hours and delivery services in accordance with prevailing government regulations. 

**Contest begins on 14 June and ends on 21 June, winners will be contacted via DM on 22 June. T&Cs apply.

 For more information on World Cucumber Day, visit

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