Love at first bite with Domino’s

May 12, 2021

Looking for something new and enticing to spice up your life? Well look no further, as Domino’s wildly popular Top Secret Sauce is turning up the heat with a spicy new addition! Bringing a new twist for Top Secret Sauce Lovers, the signature creamy, garlic, buttery Top Secret Sauce now has an added kick of spice and crunch to take things up a notch!

This is just in: driven by the overwhelming response for the Top Secret Sauce pizzas, Domino's Pizza has unveiled its new Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling variants - Spicy Tuna Temptation, Spicy Vegie Fiesta, Spicy Classified Chicken and Spicy Chicken Confidential. Spreading the spice to its sides, Domino’s is also bringing in the Spicy Fling Breadstix and Spicy Fling Chicken Wings for customers to enjoy their pizzas with a spicy twist available for a limited time only.

For those craving the heat, the new Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling additions are infused with a unique spicy chilli dressing combined with dried parsley and garlic chips, imparting a blend that is sure to make one’s tastebuds tingle. The Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling offers a scrumptiously creamy and garlicky gastronomic experience, with a mildly fiery and crunchy kick that will ignite one’s senses. As Top Secret Sauce Lovers are passionate about its signature flavour, Domino’s is adding a sprinkle of spice and love to its pizzas and sides, sure to please every palate.

According to Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore, “With a flavourful kick of spice, the Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling is a spicy spin-off of our popular pizzas topped with our signature Top Secret Sauce that is much-loved by Malaysians nationwide. Our Top Secret Sauce is a bestseller and an absolute smash-hit among our fans for its unique blend of cream, cheese and garlic in four different flavours. Understanding Malaysians’ craving for all things spicy, we added a fiery, crunchy new twist by introducing the Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling pizzas and sides.”

“For customers who are familiar with our pizzas topped with the secret sauce, this all-new Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling would be a delicious alternative to your usual order. Rest assured that Spicy Fling is made with a thoroughly crafted combination of spicy chilli dressing and chilli extracts, giving it the right amount of spice, which is suitable for every taste profile.”

“Living up to our promise of “It’s All About You”, we constantly strive to satisfy our fans with consistent excellence in food quality and experience. We see this as the perfect time to tap on local Malaysian flavour profiles and bring an exciting new twist to the table. We hope our customers enjoy this limited time offer with their loved ones and be sure to try all the variants available,” Linda concluded.

As part of Domino’s Everyday Value Buy 1 Free 2 menu, customers will also be spoiled with a wider range of free items to choose from with free zero contact delivery within a 30-minute delivery guarantee. After all, who wouldn’t want their pizza arriving on their doorstep piping hot and ready to eat?

Available for a limited time only, Domino’s Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling pizzas come in Personal, Regular, Large and Xtra Large sizes at Domino’s stores nationwide. Customers can add on the Spicy Fling Breadstix and Spicy Fling Chicken Wings at RM10.90 and RM14.90 respectively. Wait no more! Get your Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling pizzas with Domino’s ‘Buy 1 Free 2’ menu and enjoy this brand new deliciousness with a guaranteed FREE and 30-minute Zero Contact Delivery!

This hot new addition to Domino’s existing line-up will be available from 26 April and for a limited time only. To purchase, visit Domino’s stores or order online at

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About Domino’s Pizza

Delivering more than 1 million pizzas a day worldwide, Domino’s Pizza is the world’s leading and fastest growing pizza delivery company committed to upholding the industry in product quality and operational excellence. Globally, Domino’s Pizza Inc. operates a total network of more than 16,000 owned and franchised stores throughout the U.S. and in over 85 markets. Domino’s internationally ranks in the top five companies in online transactions.

As at Q2 2017, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia is the largest Domino’s market in Southeast Asia and fifth largest in Asia Pacific. Established in 1997, Domino’s Malaysia is managed by master franchise holder, Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd. To date, there are 240 Domino’s Pizza stores in the country.

At Domino’s Pizza, we take PRIDE in our commitment to enrich the lives of our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and communities. As one of the most lovable brands in Malaysia, we will go the extra mile for your smile as well as uphold our culture to ‘sell more pizza, have more fun’. Embracing our company’s philosophy of smart hustle, Domino’s is committed to provide customers with the ultimate pizza delivery experience, with its product satisfaction guarantee, 30-minutes delivery guarantee and 15-minutes take-away guarantee.

Forging ahead as an e-commerce entity, Domino’s Pizza has led many firsts in its digital platforms. Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has leveraged on the digital world to the best of its advantage and this began when it was certified as the first QSR company to provide an online ordering platform by the Malaysian Book of Records with the launch of its website in 2003. Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s online ordering platform is also ranked #1 for its online speed of service in the QSR industry.

Domino’s is the award winner of the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016 Gold Franny Award, a distinguished Achievement Award of the International Franchise Association at the Domino’s Pizza Worldwide Rally. In a show of confidence by Malaysian consumers, Domino’s Pizza won Bronze in the “Restaurant & Fast Food” category of the prestigious Putra Brand Awards 2014, silver in 2015, bronze in 2016, Silver in 2017 and Bronze in 2018, 2019 and 2020. In the Marketing Excellence Awards 2020, Domino’s won Silver for Excellence in Public Sector/Non Profit Marketing and Bronze for Excellence in Sports/eSports Marketing. Domino’s was awarded with the “Best Customer Experience” award by CXP Asia through an independent consumer survey. In 2018, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia launched its brand promise of ‘It’s All About You’, which encapsulates Domino’s commitment to deliver the best in products and services, keeping the best interest of its customers always on the forefront of all its efforts. Domino’s was also awarded Gold for “Excellence in Sponsorship Activation” category for its creative and effective partnership with MASWings in conjunction with its entry into the East Malaysian market as well as Bronze in the “Sports/Esports Marketing” category for Mobile Legends campaign at the Marketing Interactive Awards 2019.

Customers can call Domino’s at 1-300-888-333 or log on to its website at to place their orders. For latest updates, please visit Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s Facebook at or Instagram at

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