How to Minimalist Home with IDW Design & Build

May 04, 2021

Creating your own dream house will be a challenge if you not sure where to start. A smart selection by understated furnishings, artwork, and simple decorative is the key to a standout design. Are you curious about how to pull off a minimalist to your living space?

Get Inspiration with IDW Design & Build

With IDW Design & Build, I able to proceed with my dream house design. In the IDW Design collection, I can view more than 200 luxurious and modern home collections with a complete plan, drawings, and renovation guidelines. In this post, I will share how to minimalist your living room with IDW Design & Build.

Who is IDW Design & Build?

IDW Design & Build (IDW) was established in 2007 as a start-up business in an interior and renovation company when both the founders were 21 years old. Both of them were graduated with Diploma Studies in Interior Designer followed by a Degree in Interior Architecture and ended with Master of Science Facilities Management.  

Their first job was offered to design and renovate a bungalow which cost RM1.1 million. Another achievement whereby both founders received another big project to design a college costing RM17 million at the age of 23 years old. The project took one year for the completion process.  Due to insufficient experiences and young age factors, both founders were often scammed by contractors and faced with debt issues. 

High determination and persistence became their main willpower to further pursue their studies in Master of Science Facilities Management, yet still managing IDW business. Lokman Hakim, IDW Board Director, was once failed by his lecturer in one of his Master’s subjects due to time commitment in the study. And both founders were continuously faced with sly contractors who took advantage which forced them to later bear the loss. Despite a lot of challenges faced in bearing loss liability from getting scammed by contractors, they stand strong in building IDW empire.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is rooted in an art movement in the 1960s, and it later expanded into the design and architectural aesthetic most commonly associated with simplicity, neutral color palettes, and clean lines.

Use grey, white, or wood

Transform your living room with a palate of white, gray, and wood. It makes your living room comfortable and spacious. Turn up the temperature with a soft carpet.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Balance the look of white with natural elements, like woven baskets or green painting. Select a few succulent for a pop of color for your sofa or place a potted of green leaves at the empty corner to brighten up space.

Keep It Simple

Simple design always the best choice. Just tone everything down and abide by the less is more approach. It makes your home look more spacious, warm, rich, and inviting.

Do you want to transform your home into an amazing dream house? IDW Design & Build has prepared 200 collection designs and complete detail for you to follow. Each design in this book comes with a detailed drawing, 3D design, and QR Code. With IDW Design Collection launching in 2021, IDW design & Build strives its best in helping to make every homeowners’ dream come true at an affordable price that could be owned by anyone.

IDW Design Collection Book


What are you waiting for? Now you can book your design with IDW Design & Build or grab this IDW Design collection. For more information, check out their website at

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