Beauty Review: Get To Know Cobor Truffle Eye Masks & Hyaluronic Acid Essences

May 09, 2021

Oh, what a busy week that I forgot to prep my skin. A series of new products from Cobor Beauty is available on the Lazada Malaysia Online platform. You are definitely looking forward to trying Cobor Truffle Eye Masks & Cobor Hyaluronic Acid Essences for beauty lovers. Get to know the latest goings-on in this week’s beauty products.

Cobor Truffle & Caviar Multi- Effect Eye Masks

Cobor Truffle & Caviar Multi- Effect Eye Masks are the most salable product and helps prevent tired eyes plus aging. COBOR is a trustable skincare brand working on eye skincare for 25 years and has more than 3,6 million customers in 2019. And the eye mask suitable for sensitive skin or even pregnant women can use it.

Ingredients: Truffle and Caviar extract. These premium ingredients help to firm and maintain the elasticity of my eye area. At the same time, it helps to reduce eye fine lines/ wrinkles.

Eye Mask texture - I love the soluble botanical gel masks that give a better absorption of nutrients. While the Hydrolyzed collagen penetrates deeply into my eye area. And the best part, the eye mask's shape fits well on my eye.

Overall, I am impressed with the eye mask result, and the eye area's more moisture and fine lines have reduced. One box contains 5 pieces and now you can get 3 boxes of Cobor Truffle & Caviar Multi-effect Eye Masks at RM128 on Lazada platform.

Cobor Hyaluronic Acid Essence

Due to unpredictable weather and environment, my skin easily dries up and breakout. Cobor Hyaluronic Acid helps me to regain back my youthfulness. Cobor Hyaluronic Acid Essence comes in a syringe and each syringe can last me for 1 week.

Ingredients: Natural plant extracts that able to brighten up my skin and reduce pigmentation.

Texture - Lightweight serum that able to deliver a good result to my skin. I just need to pump a small drop to achieve moisture level. It penetrates deeply into my skin and tightens up my skin.

Overall, you can achieve dewy, brighter and firmer skin. At the same time, it gives long-lasting moisture and prevents aging. Cobor Hyaluronic Acid Essence is having sales in the Lazada platform whereby you get to enjoy RM128 for 4 boxes. Each syringe contains 10ml that can last you for a week.

Check out the link: Cobor Hyaluronic Acid Essence

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