Review: Mamaway Ultralight Antibacterial Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra

April 09, 2021

Every mothers experience a different changes / symptoms during their pregnancy journey. One of the obvious symptoms are growing belly and sore breasts.

A woman’s cup size will expand on average, up to 3-4 sizes throughout pregnancy. So is time for you to invest in your maternity and nursing bras to fit you for the remainder of pregnancy and into motherhood from this point onwards.

I choose Mamaway Ultralight Antibacterial Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra.

Why Mamaway?

Mamaway Maternity provides a very wide range of products that over every step of the way from pregnancy, recovery, breastfeeding and beyond.

Mamaway supports mums’ every step of the way with helpful tools, advice and encouragement, so mums can leap into Motherhood with confidence.

Mamaway is made for mums, made by mums.

The design and Texture

I love the soft and comfortable fabrics of the bra. It gives a better space and support to women breasts. During pregnancy our body temperature is high so it us important to wear comfortable maternity and nursing bra. Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra is moisture- wicking.

The bra available in 5 colors : pink, light blue, black, nude and dusty purple. I am wearing the light blue. While the size can support your cup size from S to 2XL. Just ensure you do a measurement on your breasts before you purchase.

Other functions:-

Adjustable strapes whereby you stretches up to 3 cups that suit pregnancy body and engorgement breasts. I like the thick back band that help to prevent unwanted fats.

A quality bra with great support truly enhances a woman’s overall appearance. Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Maternity that come with the right support that help us conquer issue with sagging breasts.

Clip down with one hand function that will make your breastfeed session much easier.

I like the most about this nursing bra is the answer antibacterial. As pregnant women temperature raised up, they tend to sweat a lot. This maternity & nursing bra is odour free and germ free. It keeps your breast comfortable.

Wireless function that enable our breast to breath and maintain the best support. Lastly it comes with 4 sets of hook & eye. Extra flexibility to cater to your body changes and you doesn't need extra extenders.

Overall, I think it is worth to invest a good martenity & nursing Bra. Beside the nursing, Mamaway offers variety products for pregnancy and postpartum.

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To all mummy, now you can enjoy RM25 off by key in the code: MAMABLOG-BETTY when purchase over RM200.

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