Food Review: CoolBlog collaborate with Farm Fresh bringing the Best for Ramadan

April 17, 2021

Ramadan 2021 might be challenging this years in light of the COVID-19 situation, but it is a grateful to welcome this blessed month.

This Ramadan month, CoolBlog brings to you ' Tradisi Cool Ramadan' campaign whereby they introduce 2 news drinks: Kathira Smoothie and Bandung Smoothie. This year Coolblog collaborate with Farm Fresh to bring the refreshing and tasty during this fasting month. The campaign has started since 4 April 2021 and Coolblog fans get to experience the new drinks. 

It is a must drinks to order when visit CoolBlog. Through this collaboration, CoolBlog and Farm Fresh able explore the new market together. The main message of this campaign, Coolblog want to give a respect to the drink that portrait our tradition and community values especially to our Muslim friends. 

Kathira Smoothie inspired by Kathira drinks that are well known in Johor. Kathira Smoothie using premium ingredients such as Pandan jelly, basil, Farm Fresh Date Milk.

While, Bandung Smoothie is a mixture of rose flavou, premium brown sugar jelly and Farm Fresh Date Milk. The drink definitely will win your heart. 

Kathira Smoothie is price at RM9.80 while  Bandung Smoothie is priced at RM8.80. Enjoy the new drinks from Coolblog during Ramadan month and the drinks available at all Coolblog branches. More information regarding Coolblog official website

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