April 28, 2021

Nestlé KITKAT kicked off 2021 with the launch of the limited edition KITKAT Gold, the latest offering to the KITKAT family, along with a special KITKAT Win Gold Contest which ran from 8 January – 28 February 2021. The cele-break-tions were held in conjunction with Chinese New Year as well as the auspicious Year of the Golden Ox.

Consumers all over Malaysia were invited to participate in the KITKAT Win Gold Contest, where they had the opportunity to take home prizes worth up to RM288,888. The winnings included the grand prize of a KITKAT Gold Bar (50g of 916 gold) 8 lucky winners, 1st Prize of RM8,888 cash for 10 winners as well as 2nd Prize of RM888 cash for 12 winners. There were also weekly prizes of RM188 cash for 88 winners every week throughout the 7-week contest period.

One of the Grand Prize winners, Norhasikin Bt Md Sidik said, “I am very happy and blessed that although I only submitted once, I was able to win the KITKAT Win Gold Grand Prize. I will invest part of my prize winnings and the rest I will use to take my family out on a holiday.

Chew Geok Teng, another candidate who won the KITKAT Gold Bar said, “I am suprised and feel very blessed to be able to win the Grand Prize of the KITKAT Gold Bar. I would like to thank Nestlé for having this contest and giving me the opportunity to participate in it. The Gold Bar is going to be kept in the safe first.“

After trying and submiting their entries 20 times each, Teo Keng Ban and Wan Kum Peng, husband and wife duo were two of the lucky winners to take home the second prize of RM888 and first prize of RM8,888 respectively. “We are very happy and excited to be able to win the cash prizes. We will use part of the KITKAT Win Gold winnings to pay for my (Wan) insurance, renovate our house, and travel.“

“The launch of KITKAT Gold, a special limited edition created for the festive season, with an exquisite nutty buttery chocolatey flavor, was very well received by our KITKAT consumers and everyone was eager to try it. We are also ecstatic to be able to cele-break with more than 600 winners, including the 8 lucky winners of the custom-made KITKAT Gold Bar. It is our way of uplifting our consumers during this festive season while being able to also create new, exciting and delectable breaks”, said Frédéric Porchet, Business Executive Officer for Confectionery Business Unit, Malaysia and Singapore, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

During the launch of KITKAT Gold, Nestlé Malaysia also introduced the Golden Creations with KITKAT Gold, Nestlé Ice Cream and Nescafé Gold; and released new recipes weekly on https://www.youtube.com/KitKatMalaysia for consumers to prepare their favourite golden dishes.

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About Nestlé KITKAT

Created in 1935, KITKAT became part of Nestlé’s range of confectionery products in 1988, and has grown to become one of Nestlé’s billionaire brands. Enjoyed by all, this light snack is one of Malaysia’s favorite chocolate brands, and is exported to 14 countries globally. Nestlé KITKAT is the first global confectionary brand to be made from 100% sustainable cocoa sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.

The phrase “Have a break, have a KITKAT” aptly describes the mission of KITKAT – to help you take break when you need it the most. Nestlé KITKAT celebrates all the different kinds of breaks KITKAT lovers take - fun, spontaneous, delicious, indulgent, and rewarding. Whether you’re sinking under a sea of paperwork or working like a machine, you can delight in this sweet treat, now made with 100% sustainable cocoa, anytime, anywhere and any way. KITKAT is 100% Halal and produced locally at Nestlé’s Halal-certified facility in Chembong, Negeri Sembilan.

Here’s how to have a break...KITKAT style:

1. Tear the KITKAT wrapper

2. Break off a wafer finger at a time.

3. Snap a wafer finger in half and enjoy!

For more information on KITKAT, please visit:

About Nestlé Malaysia

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer. Headquartered in Switzerland, Nestlé is present in more than 180 countries around the world, and our over 270,000 employees are committed to Nestlé’s purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. Our performance is driven by our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. Nourishing Malaysians since 1912, Nestlé has earned the trust of our consumers through our quality brands and products. We are committed to improving the lives of the communities in which we operate, whilst maintaining our Halal excellence and integrity.

This is in line with our promise of delivering GOOD FOOD, GOOD LIFE to all. To learn more about how we have been nourishing Malaysians for over a century, do visit www.nestle.com.my or our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Nestle.Malaysia.

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