Review: MISMIS TOOTHPASTE - 99.9% Natural Ingredients For Your Healthy Teeth

February 26, 2021

Good oral hygiene habits can help us keep bacterial infections from starting in the mouth. We know the importance of brushing and gaggling and cutting down on sugary foods, but what about the potentially damaging ingredients that can be lurking in our oral care products? From fluoride to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), there’s a lot to learn when it comes to oral care routine.

Natural oral care is all about caring for our mouth by using solutions that are naturally derived and maximize the best of what nature has to offer, rather than relying on chemically-produced ingredients. In this post, I would like to share more about MISMIS oral care.

The born of MISMIS 

NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd was established in 2014 as the first company responsible for producing, and marketing dental care products based on cocoa polyphenol extract and a variety of natural herbal ingredients such as cloves, olives, and coconut extracts. The company targets domestic and foreign commercial markets to meet the demand for halal dental care products for families of all age groups. NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd has collaborated with the Malaysian Cocoa Board in research, and maintenance in the use of high-quality cocoa polyphenols as the main raw ingredient in producing MISMIS brand dental care products. NFA Technologies Sdn Bhd also receives support from MTDC, KPDNHEP and SME Corp. We are also actively collaborating with NGOs such as MyCorps in supporting the Personal Hygiene Program activities in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Fiji and many more. 

MISMIS has been distributed to dental clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, and grocery stores nationwide. Mismis products have also been in the Brunei and Morocco market. The company actively participates in promotional efforts to create awareness of the use of natural ingredients such as cocoa polyphenols to expand MISMIS brand market further. The MISMIS brand had obtained a Halal and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. The company’s goal is to be an advanced, competitive, and innovative company in producing high-quality products in Malaysia that are equally comparative to the international products. 

MISMIS Oral Care Products

MISMIS Premium Cocoa Mint Natural Toothpaste

The Ingredients: Premium Cocoa Mint Natural Toothpaste formulated by using the active ingredient polyphenoltannin which has been proven effective in inhibiting the main bacteria in the oral cavity such as Mutant Streptococcus and S. Sanguis, which cause bad breath and the spread of dental caries. The addition of ingredients such as cocoa butter enriched with Vitamin E helps increase the antibacterial agents' activity that controls cavities problems in the mouth. On top of that, the fragrant and refreshing cocoa aroma will surely appeal to anyone who uses it for the first time. 

MISMIS Extra Cool Mint Natural Toothpaste

The Ingredients: MISMIS Extra Cool Mint toothpaste that provides seven times protection and fights against bacteria that can cause caries and tooth infections. The toothpaste is formulated without parabens, chemicals, and synthetic dyes. Made from food-grade ingredients, this product is safe to be used by adults and children, especially if swallowed while brushing teeth. MISMIS also has MISMIS JUST FOR KIDS toothpaste products range.

MISMIS Just For Kids Natural Toothpaste

MISMIS Just For Kids available in 2 flavors: Chocolata and Bubble Gummy. And these toothpastes are kids' favorite and the ingredients are safe and natural. Of course, only the best ingredients are used to ensure safety if swallowed. 

MISMIS toothbrush

MISMIS has also produced various types of soft and semisoft toothbrushes. They come in several attractive colours such as green, pink, purple and blue, so you and your family can choose your favourite shades. MISMIS toothbrushes are made of high-quality nylon and have never been tested on animals. MISMIS toothbrushes are safe, so you and your family can use them without worries. 

The MISMIS toothbrushes' softness provides three times the protection that helps prevent gums injury, provides comfort while brushing, and removes bacteria and plaque. 

MISMIS 2-in-1 Travel Pack

There is also a 2-in-1 MISMIS travel pack convenient for you to bring along during outstation or traveling. 

MISMIS Minty Leaf Mouthwash

On top of that, Mismis Minty Leaf mouthwash is also the best for you to maintain your oral health. It is free from alcohol and suitable for all ages. 

Mismis is an alternative for consumers who want a fluoride-free toothpaste, formulated based on 99.9% natural ingredients, paraben-free, without SLES / SLS and safe if swallowed. MISMIS dental care products cost between RM3.90 to RM15.00. They are available at Tesco, Malakat Mall, Sabasun, Maslee, selected pharmacies and halal marts. Mismis is also available online via Watson, Ourshop, Lazada, Eromman, Shopee and in all online e-commerce. For further information, please visit our website at





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