Review: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced , A Simple Pink Routine

February 10, 2021

Are you ready for the upcoming Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day? Begin your skin routine this year with Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced. The pink packaging looks so romantic and feminine. 

The star ingredients in Perfect Balanced: Prebiotic & Calamine that help to soothe and calm my sensitive skin. I can't wait to share with you more on Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced. And Perfect Balanced is Paraben free. 

Perfect Balanced suit for any skin type inclusive sensitive skin. Check out Perfect Balanced skincare range:

STEP 1: Perfect Balanced Foaming Cleanser

Creamy and soft texture that doesn't strip off my skin natural oil. Deeply clean my pores and enhance skin absorption of nutrients. 

My skin more refresh and moisture. I love the soft touch of my skin after cleanser. 

STEP 2: Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion

Lightweight texture and it smells nice. Rich with 20,000ppm Calamine has soothing and calming effect that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. While Prebiotic helps to moisture my skin. 

STEP 3: Perfect Balanced WOW Cream

The WOW Cream helps to restore my skin moisture. The cream absord fast into my skin. With 30,000 ppm of Prebiotic and Calamine that help to soothe and calm my skin while lighten the blemish. 

STEP 4: Perfect Balanced Mineral SunMilk SPF 25++

This is my favourite sunscreen as it doesn't sticky or oily. Packed with nutrients and vitamins that protect my skin from UV rays and doesn't dry my skin. 

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