February 02, 2021

As Chinese New Year approaches, we can't miss the reunion dinner with our families. Serving them with delectable dishes and fill up their tummy will good food. This year I will be ordering from some of our talented local chefs. 

To make this year’s celebration special, even amidst these difficult circumstances, MAGGI® Professional, in collaboration with Malaysia Selangor And Federal Territory Ku Su Shin Chong Hung Restaurant Association, celebrates the distinguished efforts of 10 outstanding chefs with a compilation of their signature dishes in an exclusive recipe collection – the MAGGI® Prosperity Reunion Menu Recipe Book!

The recipe book demonstrates the versatility of MAGGI® Professional’s new-and-improved Culinary Aids, made with the highest-quality ingredients to help chefs to create the delicious food customers know and love. These include the all-time favourite bouillon range which comprises MAGGI® Concentrated Vegetable Stock, MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock, MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock with no added MSG, as well as the essential MAGGI® Chef’s Master Stock.

“At MAGGI®, our comprehensive range of MAGGI® bouillons, seasonings and sauces for the professional chef are designed to enhance the taste and aroma of every dish, and we take great pride in helping chefs bring their signature dishes to life in the most convenient and efficient manner. We understand the high-stress conditions in restaurant kitchens, hence MAGGI® Professional creates solutions that help chefs to cook and serve their customers quickly and effectively, without compromising on quality and flavour. This year, in light of the many challenges faced by the culinary industry, we want to support our local chefs and restaurants by sharing their expertise with their peers and increasing visibility for their restaurants,” said Yit Woon Lai, Business Executive Officer, Nestlé Professional, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

In the MAGGI® Prosperity Reunion Menu Recipe Book, the culinary experts share classic dishes with their own twist for this special occasion plus helpful tips on how to create one’s own signature dish using MAGGI® Professional’s wide range of Culinary Aids. These mouth-watering recipes include the traditional Prosperity Yee Sang which gets a fresh, fruity makeover, Colourful Abacus Yam Seeds to brighten the table, the decadent Abalone & Oyster Phoenix Rolls, succulent Jade Shrimp Roll with Cherry Blossoms Rainbow Chicken and more.

“We have a long and distinguished cultural history that is expressed in our culinary traditions, and we are very proud to work with MAGGI® Professional to share these recipes, thus helping to keep these traditions and our industry alive,” said Ku Su Shin Chong Hung President Datuk Dr Lum Tuck Loy. “For an impressive meal to remember, we hope Malaysians will enjoy the talents of our chefs in the coming weeks and months.”

Sharing with you one of the recipes from MAGGI® Prosperity Reunion Menu Recipe Book

Jade Shrimp Roll with Cherry Blossom Rainbow Chicken

Jade Shrimp Roll 

Ingredient A:

500gmShrimp paste
150gmSpinach puree
A handfulBlack Moss (Fatt Choy)
7 sheets Japanese beancurd skin
7 pcs Dried oyster
A little Red fish roe

Seasoning A

2tspMAGGI®Concentrated Chicken Stock
½tspMAGGI®Chicken Stock
300gmCarrot chicken broth
A pinch Salt
Sugar (to taste)

Preparation method for Jade Shrimp Roll:

1.Mix the shrimp paste with the spinach puree and black moss. Add in the seasoning and mix it to become the Jade Shrimp paste.

2.Next, wrap the Jade Shrimp paste and a piece of dried oyster into everysheet of the bean curd skin. Steam for 5 minutes until well cooked.

3.Bring the seasoning to a boil, thickened it with cornstarch and drizzle over the cooked Jade Shrimp roll. Top it off with red fish roe and serve.

Abalone and Oyster Phoenix Rolls

3 pcs Chicken drumstick
100 gm Korean dried oyster
8 pcs Braised abalone
1 whole Spinach (cooked)
200 gm Broccoli

Braised Oysters' Ingredients:
15 gm Ginger
15 gm Spring onion

300 gm Chicken broth
1 tbs MAGGI® Oyster Sauce
1 tsp MAGGI® Chicken Stock
1/2 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Dark soy sauce

Additional Material
1 sheet Aluminum foil

1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp MAGGI® Chicken Stock

Preparation method:

1. Place the marinated chicken drumsticks together with the oysters and spinach onto the aluminum foil and roll it tightly to form a chicken roll. Steam and set aside.
2. Blanch the broccoli. Then, lightly season and sauté the broccoli. Plate it and set it aside.

3. Bring the seasoning to a boil, add abalone in and cook through. Thicken it with cornstarch and arrange it neatly on the broccoli.

4. Remove the chicken from the aluminum foil, dip it into tapioca our and deep fry until golden brown. Slice and place the chicken rolls on the platter. Ready to serve.

This year, celebrate your reunion dinner via takeaway or delivery to enjoy these amazing meals in the comfort of your own home with a special order from these experienced chefs, which include*:

· Restoran Green View (Chef Lim Kin Lee, Head Chef)

· M Cuisine (Chef Kam, Executive Chef)

· Sun Gourmet Kitchen (Chef Sun, Kitchen Production Director and Executive Director)

· Restoran Seafood Chiem Choo (Chef Freddie Tan, Executive Chef)

· One Seafood Restaurant (Chef Sam Tan, Chopping Chef)

· Restaurant Peninsula Chinese Cuisine (Chef Choong Yau Wai, Executive Chef)

· Restaurant Kwong Chun (Chef Wong Kou Chiew, Owner and Head Chef)

· Imperial China Restaurant (Chef Thomas Chau, Head Chef)

· Kajang Fei Chui Restaurant (Chef Loh Chiew Heoon, Owner and Executive Chef)

· Ku Su Shin Chong Hung’s Pastry Master (Chef Ng Meng Loong, Hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef)

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