Aliments App - Order Make Easy

January 24, 2021

Since MCO 2.0 has started, I have limit myself from going out unless necessity. Thanks to Aliments App, it makes my order much easier when come to food.

Aliments provides the best dinning experience. Simple and easy step to download the app. Aliments is available on Google play and App store. 

Smple steps to register on aliments 

1. Key in your mobile phone and press continue. 

2. You also can register using Facebook or Google account. 

3. Complete your information such as mailing address or contact number. 

Once the registration is successful, you can start to place an order. 3 simple steps to order your meal:

1. Scan QR code for menu ( * applicable to done in) 

2. Or you can choose Takeaway or Delivery option to choose your favourite restaurants /Cafes. 

3) Look at the merchants near to you. 

4)  Place your order and pay in the app. I alway want to try buranchi and they offer a variety of Japanese foods. I choose takeaway option whereby I click on counter pickup. 

Once you have place an order and confirm ypur payment, you will receive your order detail. It's simple, fast and best of all, CASHLESS!

Personally, I love Aliments App as it is friendly user. I place my order less than 10 minutes. As I mention they have quite a good merchants. Here are some of the merchants that attached with Aliments:

1. Makan at Central i-City (mall, mostly halal food, 30% off, max capped RM10 - coupon: CENTRAL30)
2. Papasan Canteen (pork free)
3. Day 9 Kitchen (non-halal)
4. Chong Kok Kopitiam (pork free)
5. Good Luck Kopitiam (non-halal)
6. YeXiao Canteen (non-halal)
7. Yamatatsu Cafe (non-halal)
8. 仲夏 Midsummer (Non-Halal)
9. 6 Yi Cafe 六艺 (non-halal)
10. Bar B Q Plaza (non-halal)
11. Nippon Sushi (halal)
12. Zhuji Spicy Soup & Porridge (non-halal)
13. Kita Dining (pork free)
14. Buranchi (non-halal)
15. Super Ramen (non-halal)
16. The COOL Juice (juice, 30% min RM50, max capped RM15 coupon: TCJ30)
17. Sukishi (non-halal)
18. Sukiya (Halal)

Download Aliments App now and enjoy your delectable dishes. 

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