Is SNP Prep Cicaronic Good For Sensitive Skin?

November 30, 2020

Do you experience burning or itchiness when you try new skincare? And you get breakout when adding new skincare. This shows you have sensitive skin. Within 2 weeks, I have taken the challenge by switch my current skincare products to SNP Prep Cicaronic.

Why Cicaronic?

Cica+ Ronic means Centella Asiatica + Hyaluronic acid. Centella Asiatica is the most representative derma ingredient known as medicinal ingredients to prevent skin damage while Hyaluronic acid help to lock moisture and create a strong barrier with its different sizes of Hyaluronic acid from the bottom of our skin.

With the two premium ingredients, it helps to restore and calm sensitive skin.

Cicaronic Skincare routine 

Cicaronic Mild Cleansing Foam 180ml

Come to 180ml in a tube and I love the packaging. Mild and creamy foam that doesn't strip of the moisture of my skin. It's good for balancing out my skin. It also keeps oil production at bay. This is also good for people who have sensitive skin since it is non-irritating and has a fresh scent.

Cicaronic Toning Essence 220ml

If you love keeping anything beautiful, you’ll definitely love the delicate, minimalist beauty of the toning essence bottle. Hypoallergic mild water formula that soothes my sensitive skin. It doesn't alcohol like other toners that I used to own. I pour 2-3 drops on my palm and tap gently on my skin.

Cicaronic Ampoule 1.5ml 

The small size of ampoule but it delivers a great result on my skin. If you suffer from seriously sensitive skin, this ampoule helps to calm my skin, speed up the healing, and solve my dry skin woes. It's a lightweight watery formula that absorbs fast into my skin and makes my skin more refresh. 1 box contains 7 ampoules and sees the improvement within 1 week.

Cicaronic Soothing Cream 50ml

Personally, I love the light scent as it was very soothing and relaxing. It wasn’t cloying. Although it claims to be lightweight cream, it took a while for my skin to absorb it. But the cream doesn't create a greasy effect. I don't really apply a lot as I have acne on my chin and forehead area. I will only apply the cream at night.

Cicaronic Daily Mask

Looking for a quick and easy way to boost your skin? Try this daily mask as it helps to prep my tired skin and specially crafted for sensitive skin. The sheet mask instantly softens and restores tired and sensitive skin. Don’t forget to apply the excess essence to your neck as well.

Does it worth to invest in SNP Prep Cicaronic skincare? If you have sensitive and tired skin, these are the best product that helps to restore tired skin, lock the moisture of your skin while calm your sensitive skin. 
Check my skin condition before and after using Cicaronic skincare:-



Cicaronic is available at Guardian Malaysia and for more information about SNP skincare, do check out their website:-


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