Romantic Beauty- The Hype Makeup Brand Trend In Autumn Season

October 04, 2020

Looking for newer beauty picks apart from K-beauty and J-Beauty? Then why know to explore Romantic Beauty, the latest hype makeup brand? Romantic Beauty will have you discovering trends and under-the-radar beauty brands that will surely inspire your next shopping haul. The quality is on par with high-end brands yet the price is affordable.

From beauty releases to sales and swatches, you’ll be treated to a feast while swiping through their website. How did Romantic Beauty start? Beauty is the way we think what we are, I quite like the way Romantic Beauty brings in this beautiful term. Romantic beauty offers a great variety of colors and materials that you can try any ideas you like. Quirky romance is more than an attitude, it is young, it is fun!

Flamingo in The Sun Eyeshadow Palletes

I haven't try Romantic Beauty Flamingo in The Sun Eyeshadow Palletes before but I am excited to try it. I really love the selection of shade as it inspired by the golden and pink hues as the sun rises to set. Along with the packaging, the products themselves really grabbed my attention and I knew I had to try this eyeshadow palette. 

Nailing that chic yet masstige appeal was what gave Flamingo in The Sun Eyeshadow Pallete an edge. The color is easy to blend out and create a nice and smooth shade on my eyelid. Check out this awesome eyeshadow pallete at here

Sakura Mousse Lip

The brand was an immediate hit in Malaysia. Sakura Mousse Lip available in eleven gorgeous matte shades. Sakura Mousse Lip shades are fit for all skin type. The texture is creamy and matte at the same time. This lipstick has a classic bullet appearance with the tail being a separative sample.

My first impression is super pigmented and with one swipe, it looks good on my lip. It looks super matte on my lip but it doesn't feel dry at all. the lipstick has color-changing technology as you will get a unique perfect shade of color that combines your lip PH and temperature.

Packaging- Lightweight with pink packaging. The lipstick was so small and travel-friendly. If you wish to try it, click here to check out this amazing shade.

Is the hype behind Romantic Beauty well-deserved? If you're looking at the products and the brand itself, it's a yes for me. Not only does it deliver on its promise at an affordable price point, but it also has a brand positioning and aesthetic that is so "right now". Grab Romantic Beauty now and check out their exclusive page at here

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