Mamonde Ceramides Range - Keep My Skin Hydrate All Day Long

September 14, 2020

We are into September and Malaysia weather is unpredictable. Is best to quench our thirst skin with more hydration. This month, I will share my review of Mamonde Ceramide Range. Mamonde is one of my Top 5 favorite skincare.

This month, Mamonde, a Korean skincare beauty brand is celebrating our national flower, the hibiscus in conjunction with Malaysia's 63rd National Day. As you know Mamonde Ceramide range also inspired by the hibiscus flower. The Hibiscus flower was chosen as our national flower due to its vibrant color that symbolizes the courage and vitality of Malaysians and its 5 conspicuous petals that match our Rukun Negara.

Enriched with nourishing ingredients, Ceramide range offers flawless hydration to the skin. Ceramide range consists of Softener Skin Softener, Emulsion, Intense Cream and Light Cream. 

Ceramide Light Cream, 50ml 

Ceramide Light Cream contains double moisturizing properties. Love the lightweight texture of the cream. Glide smoothly on my skin. This lighter alternative is perfect for those with combination skin. 

Ceramide Intense Cream, 50ml

Come in a tube and light weight. The light cream boost the moisture to my skin. Non greasy and easily absord into my skin. Love the scent of the cream. Long lasting hydration that keep my skin moisture within 24 hours. 

Ceramide Skin Softener, 20oml

This is the best toner that I even owe. Transparent and light liquid toner absord quickly into my skin. Non sticky formula and helps in providing deep hydration.  Formulated with ingredients of proven safety and efficacy, suitable for those experiencing flaky/sensitive/rough skin especially during seasonal change.

Ceramide Emulsion, 150ml

Fresh and lightweight cream texture. One pump gives my skin a healthy and radiance look. Absord completely into my skin. Builds a soft skin moisture barrier without stickines

Overoll, I love Mamonde Ceramide range and it keeps my skin hydrated all day long. Check out Mamonde Facebook for the latest promotion: @Mamondemy

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