Get your favorite alcohol beverages with Shop By Travel Recommends

September 09, 2020

Due to Covid-19, most of our travel plan has to be postponed or cancel. And most of us feel skeptical to go outside for a longer hour. Hence Shop By Travel Recommends recently launched a wide range of alcoholic beverages whereby they offer beer, liqueurs, whiskeys, champagnes, wines and etc.

There's no better way to unwind a stressful day with a glass of whisky and it's never a bad idea to store a couple of bottles at home. Recently I have grabbed my favorite whisky, Monkey Shoulder Scotch from Shop By Travel Recommends. 

About  Shop By Travel Recommends

Shop by Travel Recommends is an e-commerce website that offers great deals on health and beauty products, alcoholic beverages, home improvement and etc. Shop By Travel Recommends also offer the lowest price in Malaysia. Shop by Travel Recommends receiving a lot of good feedback from their customers and their platform is friendly user.

Shop By Travel Recommends available in 6 countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.  

Simple step to place your order at Shop by Travel Recommends. Choose your favorite alcohol beverages and add them to your shopping cart. Enter your delivery address and pay upon checkout. And wait for your parcel to send directly to your doorstep.

My Personal Review on Shop By Travel Recommends

Convenience is one of the most important features that I look for and I love how Shop by Travel Recommends categories their items. Shop by Travel Recommends updating the latest and newest alcohol. 

Delivery Status: I receive the parcel less than a week and in a good condition. Now you can enjoy extra discounts. With a minimum spend of RM350, you get to enjoy EXTRA RM20 OFF with promo code: BETTY20 . With a minimum of RM400 on the website for alcohol, you can enjoy a free delivery service.

For more information regarding Shop By Travel Recommends, check out their website at . 

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