Get Healthy With DARCE PLUS+ 5-IN-1 BOOSTER

August 15, 2020

 We are into August and is still summer season. Is a good time to load with Vitamin especially we still facing Covid-19. The beauty of DARCE PLUS+ 5-IN-1 Booster is the combination of all of its nutrients in a package.

Here is what exactly include in this 5-IN-1 Booster:  mix of Vitamins, Probiotic, minerals and amino acid that keep our body from cold, improving heart, bone, brain, lung, eye, skin, digestive and gut health, as well as fortifying our immune system and assisting in weight management. I must says this is the best supplement all of us must have especially during this pandemic season. 

One pack of 5-IN-1 Booster keep my body working effectively. Say goodbye to my long term sinus and I no need count on nasel spray. At the same time, it creates a healthy environment for my stomach/ digestion system due to booster content probiotic. 

1 box of 5-IN-1 Booster contains 15 sachets. I love carry the sachets with me especially travel. It helps to keep my body at the best level. Refreshing lemon juice flavour. 

What is the Active ingredients? 

Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Probiotic B.breve, Probiotic B.longum, Mineral Premix, Vitamin Premix, L-Cysteine, Red apple juice powder, Lemon juice powder.

How to prepare Darce Plus+ 5-IN-1 Booster? 

Take 1 sachet daily with 150ml lukewarm water. 

The drink can be served warm or cold by adding ice for a refreshing treat. 

Darce Plus+ 5-IN-1 Booster is priced at RM98. Order can be placed at

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