Are you Level Up Your Sweet Tooth With The Champignons Cake Shop @EkoCheras Mall

August 17, 2020

Are you a Dessert Person? People always a dessert person always sweet and romantic. Is that true, you judge it by yourself (*winked). Desserts are sweet and so are the ideal dates that I want to have.

This summer is the right time to enjoy sweet and delectable desserts. And I decide to drop by The Champignons Cake Shop as I am craving for a dessert. I was served by a humble staff A.K.A Pastry Chef, Kingsley Kwoh. Don't be shocked by his young appearance as Chef Kingsley has over 10 years as a Pastry Chef and his last 4 years tenure with Mandarin Oriental hotel, Macau before he left and decide to join Chef Gary as Champignons. 

Let's check out what they have for this summer collection. 

Are desserts too beautiful and cute to be eaten? Every dessert that served in front of me is specially prepared, design, and craft by Pastry Chef Kingsley. He is the mastermind behind this star pastries. At the same time, Chef Kingsley showed us how to enjoy dessert. 

Aloha RM19

We start our dessert with Aloha as this dessert has a light taste. Made from a Yogurt Mousse, Pineapple jam, Mandarin and Pear confit and orange. It melts perfectly in my mouth and left the fresh fruity taste. Perfect for a person that doesn't love too sweet dessert. 

Tropical Bar RM19

I never know banana and lime can be a perfect match. Tropical Bar is made of exotic Mousse with Banana Confit, Lime Whipped Ganache and Banana cake. Combination of mild sourish and sweetness. 

Coconut 2.0 RM20

I'm in love with the coconut shape. Perfectly craft by Chef Kingsley. The outer layer is coated with premium chocolate while the inner layer is filled with whipped Ganache, Pineapple and Mango Compote, Coconut Sponge, Coconut Gianduja. Creamy and rich texture. If you love the chocolate flavor, Coconut 2.0 will be a perfect choice

Flamigo 2.0 RM21

The Flamigo is perfectly craft and is too cute to be eaten. Sweet and rich flavor. Red berries whipped ganache, apple and lime compote, vanilla sponge and biscuit. 

Gelato 2.0 RM19

A fan of Gelato, you will definitely Gelato 2.0. The Gelato 2.0 is filled with  Gelato Chocolate Truffle Mousse, Kalamansi Curd, Milk Chocolate Kalamansi Ganache, Brownies and Chocolate Coating. 


This is my favorite and tastes heavenly. Contains Elderflower Mousse, Guava compote, strawberry, pink guava jelly with vanilla Genoise, and biscuit. Every bite reminds me of the sweetest memories. Available in 2 size and hot selling dessert. 

Do check out their Summer collection as you get to enjoy 50% off for 2nd piece of Cake.

About The Champignons Cake Shop 

The Champignons Cake Shop is a new endeavor by Chef Gary Chang and Pastry Chef Kingsley Kwoh who shares the passion of merging art with taste. They both originate from award-winning fine French dining establishments with the dream of making an impact on the landscape of the Malaysian dining scene. In the past, the local dining scene sat on two extremes, of hawker food and fine dining, with very little in between. This new effort brings the fine artistry of French Patisserie to the masses by making it affordable and easily available by positioning themselves in retail centers. Each cake is detailed and artistically created, it is so beautiful that it is almost too painful to eat. The burst of taste and sultry pull of sweetness makes you wonder if you should order a second piece. Definitely, a go-to place for desserts and sweets to impress friends and family.

The Champignons Cake shop

Lot No. G31,GF EkoCheras Mall,
No.693, Batu, 5, Jln Cheras,
Taman Mutiara Barat, 
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-9134 9288
Business Hours: 10am – 10pm

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