AL Culture "The State Collection" By Al-Ikhsan Sports

August 01, 2020

Malaysia's No.1 Sports Retailer Al-Ikhsan Sports has launched a lifestyle fashion brand, Al Culture under its house brand AL (Active Lifestyle).

The introduction of Active Lifestyle (AL) in 2011 is aligned with Al-Ikhsan Sport's core purpose 'Keeping Malaysia Fit and Active by Making Sports Affordable For All'  The AL brand started in 1994 and it offers a wide range of sports performance and sports lifestyle products with good quality at affordable prices. AL range consists of apparel for men, women and kids, sports shoes and sports equipment as well as Muslimah fashion. In 2015, AL sponsored Perak FA's Jersey and this year, AL is one of the Jersey Sponsors for Terengganu FC, PDRM FA and Melaka United.

Al Culture takes inspiration from local daily lives and culture, to curate a collection of modern and urban designs for daily wear. The very first collection from AL culture is "The state Collection" which consists of 14 designs (Representing 14 states in Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak).

Each state design tee is inspired by its states' unique heritage, for example Wayang Kulit from Kelantan, Caklempong from Negeri Sembilan, Mount Kinabalu from Sabah, Batik from Terengganu, Kuda Kepang from Johor, bukit Bintang from Kuala Lumpur, Beca from Melaka, Lombong emas from Pahang and also infleneces from famous Malay proverbs such as "Biar Ikut Resmi Padi, Makin Berisi Makin tunduk" which is from Kedah.

Vach Pillutla, the Chief Executive officer of Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn Bhd said, " We are proud to launch Al Culture, a lifestyle fashion brand under AL. The first AL culture State collection is a unique collection. the 14 urban designs represent each states's heritage and culture. Our customers can wear it with pride, hence our tagline for this collection is 'Negeriku, Kebanggaanku'

Today is inaugural launch ceremony at Al-Ikhsan Sports store at The Curve, saw a special appearance by Nabil Ahmad as a local celebrity and influencer. Presented to him during the ceremony, an Al Culture Negeri Sembilan inspired tee which embodies his identity of growing up in Mambau, Negeri Sembilan.

The State Collection comes in 3 colors- black, blue and white. Retailing for adults at RM39 for short sleeves, RM49 for Long Sleeves and for Kids at RM29. More information about Al-Ikhsan Stores or purchased online at

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