July 03, 2020

Bubble Tea has become a trend in Malaysia and everyone is craving for it and now the ultra-popular bubble tea drink is available in ice cream form. I was so ecstatic when Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream arriving on our shores. Milk Tea Boba drinks, popcorn and even cake have been popping up left and right, but when Wall’s and Tealive introduce Boba ice cream bars, boba fans all over were clamoring to get a taste. I am one of them.

The ice cream variation is supposedly the next best thing to the drink itself from the signature milk tea flavor to actual pearls, this is definitely a must-try Boba Ice cream. And yes, each bar really comes studded with round chewy pearls, just like an actual cup of milk tea.

The Packaging: Each ice cream bars are individually wrapped and I love the creative packaging. I excitedly tear the plastic wrapping off a bar to unveil this marbled beauty ice cream.

Very promising. But is it any good? Let’s just say, I fell in love with this ice cream bar at first bite. The milk ice cream is smooth and insanely creamy and fragrant and filled with a generous amount of pearls in the ice cream bars that remain chewy and juicy.​​​ The ice cream bars look like a frozen version of a cup of milk tea that guaranteeing you a taste of nice aroma milk tea with every bite.

Nice! Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream retails of RM2.20 - RM2.70 each. I will say this is one kooky viral food item that actually lives up to its hype; it’s like eating a solid version of boba milk tea, though the milky ice cream pales a little in comparison to sipping fresh milk. #WallsBobalicious will soon be available nationwide at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores as well as selected Tealive stores. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting deals on Wall’s website ( or follow Wall’s Malaysia on Facebook (

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