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July 16, 2020

Is a Pandemic the Right Time to Start a Business? Some of the small businesses were shut down due to coronavirus pandemic. I am happy to share with you MeCan Trade, a one-stop e-commerce solution that fosters direct connections between Sellers and Buyers around the world. This must sound crazy to you to start a business during an economic collapse but let's explore more on MeCan Trade.

Who Is MeCan Trade?

MeCan Trade, a one-stop e-commerce platform that connects sellers and buyers around the world. Founded by Andy Goh (former founder of oldtown and current owner of Nam Heong restaurant chains) in 2010. MeCan Trade whose HQ is KL based currently trades in Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia. They plan to expand to South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

With MeCan Trade, merchants can transform into their own online sales platform and become instant business owners with a large variety of products/merchandise to offer without the need to keep stocks that require huge capital investments. At MeCan Trade, everyone can start their business and trade anytime, anywhere. 

It requires zero capital start-up, zero risks, and an opportunity to earn passive income. You can start your own business, earn some extra income or share/use quality day to day products. I am glad that I have signed up as MeCan Trade ambassador. MeCan Trade System is a platform which constantly generates sales opportunity for you. 

How does MeCan Trade works?

One-stop e-commence solutions
 - Connect sellers and buyers around the world.

Be your own Entrepreneur 
- Transform into your own online sales platform and become instant business owners with a large variety of products / merchandise. No need to keep stocks, Doesn't require a huge capital investment.

One-stop online store
- Take care of the whole buying process from registration procedures, purchasing, payment to delivery to your doorstep. 

Open e-store on MeCan Trade with one click
- You can share your preferred products online or social media with your network of friends.

Trade locally and internationally

● End to End Support 
Availability of a localised team who will facilitate and advise you on operations, marketing, networking, IT and finance matters

MeCan Trade key features

● Multichannel eCommerce - Supported by future-forward technology via a digital ecosystem that is smart, scalable, and adaptable to change. Your products will also be simultaneously deployed in top eCommerce platforms in Malaysia. 

● Borderless Trading – Cost-effective resources in place to trade products beyond borders across a few ASEAN countries. All transactions can be done in your own local currency even for cross borders transactions so there is no loss in foreign exchange 

● Strategic partnerships - It has strong partners and reputable affiliate networks which provides stability and added advantage. 

● Big Data Solutions - Driving efficiency to your business as it engages SEO and SEM to drive business with the right demographics. 

● End-to-End Support – Availability of a localised team who will facilitate and advise you on operations, marketing, networking, IT and finance matters

How to Become MeCan Trade Ambassador?

  • Register Buyer Account to activate MeCan Trade Ambassador feature
  • Start shopping & customise your storefront with personalised URL
  • Promote store & sell products to social networks to reap the profits.

There are more than 600++ products that available in your e-stores such as health & beauty, groceries, home & living, baby, kids and toys, household supplier, and fashion. One of my favorite products Vanzo, natural car air freshener consist of plant-based extracts and free from harmful chemicals as it contains no alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene. 

Vanzo established cooperation with Ogawa & Taiyo Corporation with a collective history of more than 125 years. Vanzo has passed the MSDS International Standard Test Report, passed the SGS testing, and received the Certificate of Analysis. Vanzo car air freshener can last for 60 days and the scent doesn't overpower. 

Available Vanzo flavors:-

Vanzo Secret Musk LX / Miniature (2 pcs) 
Scent: Unique scent which evokes the freshness of sea breeze and blooming floral

Vanzo Velvet Musk LX / Miniature (2 pcs)
Scent: Natural smelling of velvety musk which brings together a floral and woody accords

Vanzo English Pear & Freesia LX / Miniature (2 pcs)
Scent: An innovative fragrance with accord of mellow scented fresh pear with cool white freesias and a delicate yet distinctive scent.

Besides that my favorite Jobbie Peanut Butter is available on MeCantrade. Jobbie Nut Butter produces 100% all-natural peanut butter is because 10/20/20 years ago was the industrial age, everything was mass-produced, and to adapt to the situation many artificial food additives was added. 

Jobbie Peanut Butter is available in 4 flavors:-Classic Chunky, Classic Creamy, Chunky Pure and Creamy Pure. 


There are so many brands available on MeCan Trade and I am officially an entrepreneur in MeCan Trade. Do visit my e-store: or you should grab this opportunity by signing up with Mecan Trade now.



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