Forest Beauty - The Best Sheet Masks For Unwinding Your Day

July 14, 2020

Face masks have got to take on the most forms in the beauty realm. One of my favorite masks is from Forest Beauty. Is time to giving yourself a chance to unwind before heading to bed or to work. Applying a sheet mask every day will give your skin a boost and ready for the day. We do love our skincare routine but sometimes, we’d much rather put that 10 to 15 minutes towards snoozing instead. For the reason, Forest Beauty face masks are absolute time-savers. They give your skin an instant pick-me-up in much lesser time, thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients.

About Forest Beauty

With nearly 100 years of experience in producing high-quality paper, “Forest Beauty” inherits the same quality guarantee spirit of Shihlin Paper Co., Ltd, and will continue to provide only the best for their customers. All “Forest Beauty” products are produced by ISO & GMP certified factory in Taiwan. Lead by professionals team and the advanced biotechnology research lab, Forest Beauty offers the best, most effective beauty products to their customers.

Forest Beauty offers 7 series of masks and I do adore how easy sheet masks are to use. Just pop them out of the packet, put them on for10-20 minutes and boom, an instant dewy glow result. To share the love, I’ve put together a list of my favorite sheet masks from Forest Beauty.

Natural Botanical Series (Forest Beauty Oriental Beauty Tea)

Love natural scent? Forest Beauty Oriental Beauty Tea will amaze you. Forest Beauty products, including their sheet masks, are formulated with botanical extract and naturally derived ingredients.

A thin layer of the mask that fits my face perfectly. This Oriental Beauty Tea sheet mask is an instant skin pick-me-up that boosts skin radiance and provides hydration for up to 24 hours. Great for tired, dry complexions. 

Nano Gold Foil Series (Forest Beauty Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask)

Forest Beauty Swiss Ice Wine Moisture Boost Mask packed with premium Swiss Ice Wine that produced from naturally frozen ripe grapes. Love the refreshing feeling of the mask. The mask gives instant lifting and long-lasting moisturizing on the skin.

Powered by natural ingredients this sheet mask instantly softens and smooths texture to bring back the natural radiance.

Others ingredients such as:-
Ginseng & Honey-  Nourishes and balances to soothe and refresh dry or sensitive skin
Organic Sugarcane Squalane (Japan)- Prevents moisture loss while restoring the skin's suppleness and flexibility.
Swiss Alp Rose- Rejuvenates & gives your skin a radiant glow.
Swiss Organic Cactus - Smoothes and hydrates skin.

This two-layer sheet mask treatment deeply hydrates and infuses skin with antioxidants to leave it visibly firmer and radiant.

Forest Beauty Pore Minimizing & Oil Control Mask

Forest Beauty Pore Minimizing & Oil Control Mask is one of the best new skincare treatment. The mask formulated with 5 ingredients such as Lime Pearl AF, U-fermented SVB, Miniporyl, Sebocytine, and multi HA.

Forest Beauty Pore Minimizing & Oil Control Mask treat and prevent acne by decreasing the amount of sebum production. At the same time, it hydrates the skin within 15 minutes.

Forest Beauty 24k Gold & Collagen Wrinkles Eye Mask

Eyes play a significant role in our appearance as dead-looking eyes often result in us looking tired or pale. This is especially when dark circles start to develop in the under-eye area. Forest Beauty 24k Gold & Collagen Wrinkles Eye Mask has been proven to restore skin elasticity while gold is said to prolong the skin’s youthfulness.

This mask is effective to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by smoothening them, making you feel like a million dollars after usage! 

From hydrating to brightening and even anti-aging, Forest Beauty Sheet Mask will be the right choice that you’ll want to stock up on. Great news for my readers as you get to enjoy 5% discount by key this promo code"FORESTB5". Forest Beauty Sheet Mask can be purchased at More information about Forest Beauty can be found:-

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