Documentary About MH17: In Search for the Truth

July 13, 2020

MH17 tragedy that happened on 17th July 2014 has left us with a big puzzle as redundant. Will the truth been revealed soon? Who shot down the plane and why it was shot down still be a big question to us? Vasily Prozorov, the Former Officer of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Head of the Vasily Prozorov Investigation Center “Ukrleaks” announced the completion of a documentary titled ‘MH17: in Search of Truth’. Let's take a look at the video to find the truth.

The Ukrainian authorities blame the pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass region of Ukraine responsible for the tragedy with the support of the Russian government. Many independent investigators found too many inaccuracies in the official statements made by Kiev. That is the reason why Prozorov conducted his own investigation to find out more details that are excluded in the reports.

Prozorov together with other volunteers used their own finances to find out the truth and the project took about five months to complete.  Prozorov mentioned, "“So, I believe this documentary will open people’s eyes to things that may never cross their minds before”. During this investigation, Prozorov obtained important information from the indirect witnesses of the tragedy. Who was the mastermind behind the plane crash? Who benefited from the crash? Why were there British Special Services Officers who came to the crash site BEFORE the incident? Who are they? 

In this 40-minutes documentary, Prozorov shared the official reports and compiled the statements made by the Ukrainian authorities and the joint investigation team. While the second part, he offered his own views and raised arguments to urge the public to make their own conclusion on the MH17 tragedy. The documentary has gained more than 2 million viewers. The documentary provided subtitles.

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Vasily Prozorov
Head of ‘Vasily Prozorov Investigative Center’ UkrLeaks

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