2 Simple Recipes for Weeknight Family Dinners

July 03, 2020

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It’s easy to rely on delivery, take-out, and fast food when you’re on a busy schedule, but preparing food at home is typically far more nutritious (and often more affordable). Unfortunately, some recipes take too much time to complete after work or other obligations.

In this article, we’ll cover three easy and quick recipes to keep in mind for dinners on busy weeknights. You can also use a kids meal delivery service if you want to provide a healthy meal when you’re too busy or drained to cook at home.

Lemon Chicken

Lemon chicken is a deceptively simple dish that uses many common ingredients that you may already have in your fridge. All you need to put this dinner together are boneless and skinless chicken breasts, ½ cup of flour, two eggs, a cup of bread crumbs, lemon zest, a cup of vegetable oil, and salt and pepper.

After dredging your chicken in the flour and dipping it into the eggs, press it into a mixture of bread crumbs and lemon zest and cook it in the vegetable oil on medium to high. It should only take a few minutes on each side to reach the right internal temperature and look golden-brown on the outside.


Like lemon chicken, carbonara is a quick and easy recipe, with only five total ingredients. You can make a delicious carbonara using only diced bacon (a few slices), eggs (2), parmesan cheese (½ cup), garlic (a few cloves), and roughly eight ounces of your favorite pasta.

First, start cooking your pasta in boiling water based on the instructions on the package. Remember to keep an extra ½ cup of water on hand to adjust the texture later on.

From there, mix the eggs and parmesan together and cook the bacon on medium-high heat until it turns crispy. Once it’s ready, turn the heat down to low, stir in your garlic, and finally add the pasta along with the mixture of egg and parmesan.

After combining the ingredients, all that’s left is to season with salt and pepper and add some pasta water to cut the thickness. Given its simplicity, carbonara is the perfect dish for families of all sizes.

While preparing dinner might be unrealistic on some busy days, these two recipes will give you more options when you’re on a tight schedule. It’s easy to put together a wonderful lemon chicken or spaghetti carbonara in as little as 20 or 30 minutes.

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