Stay Home Hair Care Tips: Kundal Macadamia Ultra Serum 100ml

May 05, 2020

How many of us really taking care of our hair during this pandemic period? Besides shampooing and apply conditioner, hair serum also plays an important role. You may notice a trend of people showing off their cutting hair skills on social media. It's not surprising to me that people still care for their physical image. Back to my question, does hair serum play an important role in our hair? Kundal Macadamia Ultra Serum has a rich formula that contains 15 natural oil extracts to deeply nourish and transform hair, giving it that boost of shine and vitality.

Kundal Macadamia Ultra Serum 100ml

If you really want to amp up the shine and gloss to your hair, you can't go wrong with Kundal Macadamia Ultra Serum. It's a finishing spray that attracts and reflects light to give my hair a gorgeous gloss. It is pure and highly concentrated oil to create a veil of luminous shine while protecting hair against environmental elements. This serum has been curated for all hair types promoting manageability.

About the Brand

Kundal is Korea No.1 Beauty brand and awarded in the scalp care category. KUNDAL is a natural daily total care brand, made with its unique know-how on various natural extracts blended with the rich nutrition and moisturizing properties of macadamia fruit obtained in nature.


Talking about the packaging - Kundal Macadamia Ultra Serum comes in a violet pump bottle. The lightweight of the serum makes it easy to carry out with me.

Personal Review

These ingredients help to nurture the scalp, makes hair healthy and soft evades dull and rough hair. Light fragrance and it doesn't create a stickiness. My hair easy to manage after the serum process. Spread it through freshly styled hair, or use it as overnight hair oil and wake up to lush, soft locks. I take 1 to 2 drops and give myself a good scalp massage with it - the serum is really lightweight and although it initially feels like my roots are going to get greasy, it sinks in pretty well, especially overnight which is why I apply it in the evenings. Overall, I'm giving the oil a big thumbs up and am excited to keep using the serum.

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