Hernan Food Satisfy your Carving for Durian - Best Musang King Durian & Musang King Snowy Cake

May 21, 2020

During this restriction movement, a lot of my to-do list pending and I am quite disappointed. One of it is getting my hand on this delicious durian. Yes, I have been craving for Durian for almost 2 months. But I lucky enough as I come across Hernan Food website. And here is my Musang King Durian and Musang King Snowy Cake.

Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd

Established in 1996, Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd has become Malaysia's largest and leading exporter of Malaysian durians. Hernan has taken Malaysia’s king of fruits from our durian orchard where the intoxicating scent of durians reign, to across the globe. Hernan has brought Malaysian durians to the international stage and has even forged a path of infinite possibilities with a range of creative durian products. So it’s no surprise that Hernan is the No. 1 durian brand for countless durian lovers worldwide. The best part, all Hernan products are HALAL certified.

Hernan Food Frozen Musang King Durian (RM69)

Using the top-notch of nitrogen freeze technology, Hernan delivers the freshness of the Musang King durian. The flesh of the Musang King durian is a very characteristic deep buttery, fluorescent yellow color and very rich, sweet flavor. You can enjoy Hernan Food Musang King durian all year round no matter what season it is. Ensure you keep your Musang King Durian in frozen below 18 degrees celsius if you have not consume it. To eat, just remove from the freezer and thaw at room temperature for 30 - 45mins and you are ready to eat.

Why You should buy Hernan Food Frozen Durian? 

  • Guaranteed Quality 
  • No unripe Durian 
  • Available throughout the year 
  • Vacuum sealed packed 
  • Preserves freshness of the fruit 
  • No artificial chemical preservatives
Hernan Food Durian Musang King Durian Snowy Kek Raya 60g x 6 (RM89.90)


One box of Hernan Food Durian Musang King Durian Snowy Kek Raya contains 6 pieces of flavourful premium Musang King Durian filling. I'm sure you will love this Musang King Durian Snowy Kek Raya. It is the best kek Raya to be shared with your family and friends during this coming Raya. 

Hernan Food products are available at:-

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