Gaya with JOEL During This Raya

May 14, 2020

Are you ready for the upcoming Raya? Let's 'Gaya' with JOEL during this Raya. JOEL, not just a piece of jewelry but JOEL bringing joy to fashionista. Currently, JOEL having a mid-season sale whereby you can enjoy 20% off normal price items with a minimum purchase of RM250. On top of that, you can enjoy cashback from Octaplus.

How to 'Gaya' with JOEL?

Rainbow Tourmaline Necklace RM469

Petite Paradise is a collection with classic pieces designed for the ambitious, passionately fearless woman. Tourmaline is a valued gemstone in the industry, for its variety of exciting colors. The necklace looks good when pairing with Kebaya. 

Glitter Square Double Necklace (Pendant+Chain) RM197

I love this elegant necklace. A double-layered necklace, embellished with Cubic Zirconia stones. This minimal and elegant designed necklace is easy to match for all occasions, providing a subtle spark to your outfit. Currently, this necklace is offer at RM99. Grab this now at JOEL. 

Garnet Universe Earrings RM329

Garnet Universe Earrings put a twist to a modern kurung. Be stylish with this fashionable handcrafted sterling silver earrings, embellished with a combination of natural diamond and faceted Red Garnets.

Butterfly Bangle RM189

If you love unique and beautiful items, the butterfly bangle will be your choice. Live like a butterfly, they start out inconspicuous and then morph into beautiful graceful beings that everyone loves.

Be spoilt for choice with this array of jewelry pieces and draw inspiration from these meticulously crafted beauties that are a must-have in your treasure trove. Sign up as Octaplus users and earn a referral reward of RM3. 

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Do check out the Octoplus Raya Campaign as you don't want to miss UPSIZED cashback up to 10% at your favorites shop. The campaign will start on 15th May until 26th May 2020.

Make sure you don't miss the important upsized cashback deal. Mark your calendar and let's get prepared for Raya. 

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