Creative Lab Presents Clean and Refreshing Relief for Frontliners

May 17, 2020

Following the commencement of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) by the government, roads and expressways within the Klang Valley have seen increased monitoring of those areas with heavy traffic for those hotspots. This has undeniably also increased the burden faced by enforcement personnel on the frontlines, particularly from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and the Malaysian Armed Forces, especially within areas designated as Covid-19 “hotspots” and those under an Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO).

With this realisation, Creative Lab - an innovative retail home design service with 30 outlets nationwide under tile industry leader, Niro Ceramic Group - will be providing these frontliners with custom-built Mobile Wash Facilities for use during roadblock operations, especially within the Klang Valley.

The Mobile Wash Facilities were delivered today at PDRM’s Police Supply Centre in Shah Alam and will be deployed for use at selected roadblock locations. These Mobile Wash Facilities will be fully operational within a few days and if proven beneficial, Creative Labs have indicated that they will supply additional units, if required by these frontliners.

"During the Conditional Movement Control Order period, the frontliners enforcing the order have had an increased burden with the increase in vehicles and traffic on our roads. Especially during this time when proper personal hygiene is paramount, clean and fresh water may not always be accessible for these officers in the line of duty especially those areas with EMCO. Moreover, the Malaysian weather can be very unpredictable - one minute it’s scorching hot, the next it’s raining heavily . This can be a dire situation, especially for Muslim personnel on duty during the fasting month,” said Keith Loh, Chief Retail Officer of Creative Lab.

Supplying fresh and clean water around the clock to frontline personnel at these roadblocks, the Mobile Wash Facilities will serve as convenient, effective and accessible amenities for the frontliners to maintain their personal hygiene while at work by washing their hands. The Mobile Wash Facilities, which are specially developed by Creative Lab and utilising their in-house sanitaryware brand ORIN, will additionally serve as an invigorating and refreshing respite for roadblock personnel to cool off from the heat of the day.

"Hence, we pooled our team and expertise together to develop a creative, innovative, yet efficient concept to address their predicament. The gifting of these Mobile Wash Facilities from our portable and user-friendly ORIN sanitaryware range is our tribute and an expression of our gratitude to these frontliners. It is our hope that it would help keep them safe and comfortable during this time, even as they help to keep us safe and comfortable," he added.

The Mobile Wash Facilities are specially designed to be mobile and lightweight, making it easy for frontline personnel to set up. It consists of a wash basin, complete with legs, a tap and a flexible discharge pipe with no complicated setup and uses the natural forces of gravity to function; and a rack made out of a sturdy yet lightweight metal frame that holds a water storage container, which is able to store up to 40 litres of clean and fresh water, which can be replenished upon depletion.

Creative Lab by Niro Granite is a new retail concept disrupting the traditional consumer renovation business in Malaysia and the region which utilises cutting-edge design technology and an experiential approach to provide free instant 3D ambient imagery, by which customers can visualise and imagine their dream home with exclusive Niro Granite tiles, mosaics, vinyl and laminate flooring as well as ORIN sanitaryware ranges.

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