Fast Retailing Donates 10 Million Masks to Medical Institutions in Japan and Abroad to Support the Fight Against COVID-19

April 09, 2020

In Japan, Fast Retailing will donate one million masks to the Japanese government, to be used primarily by medical institutions and nursing facilities. The masks will be distributed around the country to high-priority locations including medical facilities.

A critical shortage of protective masks exists at medical facilities around the world, where the COVID-19 disease has caused an escalating health emergency. This includes markets where Fast Retailing operates; namely Italy, where roughly 75,000 cases have been confirmed, and the United States, where around 65,000 cases have been confirmed. Fast Retailing will donate one million masks to each country through its local UNIQLO offices starting late March. These masks will be supplied to local medical facilities through the Milan City Government and New York State Government.

Fast Retailing is considering ways to provide additional support around the world as specific needs become clear. This includes those European markets where the virus continues to spread, such as Spain, where so far approximately 47,000 cases have been confirmed, Germany, France, and the U.K., as well as Asia, where in South Korea the number of confirmed cases remains at around 9,000.

Since the rapid emergence of COVID-19 in January, Fast Retailing has been working to help urgently affected countries and regions. Through its UNIQLO businesses in China, South Korea and Southeast Asia, the company has provided support including product donations of HEATTECH, AIRism and down jackets to medical staff, in addition to financial contributions to NGOs. The company will continue to give assistance where needed, and as the situation evolves.

Fast Retailing wishes to take this opportunity to share its heartfelt condolences with the many who have lost loved ones, as well as its deep respect for the countless people in the medical field and beyond who are providing care for those currently undergoing medical treatment. N.B. Infection rates from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage as of March 26

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