Chuanxi Bazi, China’s Number One Hotpot Brand Hosts First Presentation of New Extended Menu of Exquisite Gourmet Selections

April 16, 2020

Chuanxi Bazi presented the Malaysian public with their new menu with extended gourmet selections such as Chuanxi Bazi’s Signature Imperial Fish Maw Broth crafted from all-natural ingredients, first of its kind in Malaysia and premium selections of Filefish and Imported Australian Marbled Beef Slice (A4 Grade).

This is the first time Chuanxi Bazi has hosted a menu presentation to selected clients and members of the media since their inaugural launch in August 2019 by YB Tan Kok Wai, Special Envoy of Malaysia to the People's Republic of China. “We believe in closely engaging our patrons and where possible, personally presenting to the public the unique quality of food and services of Chuanxi Bazi, and will endeavor to make such menu presentations to our loyal patrons and members of the media who has been following us a half-yearly event or when we introduce new menu selections” Managing Director of Chuanxi Bazi Malaysia, Karen Chan explained.

The new menu selections feature over 20 additional hotpot additions and ingredients, the highlight of which is the new Chuanxi Bazi Signature soup broth, the Imperial Fish Maw Broth. Chef Yang, the resident Senior Chef of Chuanxi Bazi Malaysia explained that the new broth was uniquely crafted by Masterchef and Founder Hu Jian Qing for the Malaysian market after realizing the great response of the Malaysian patrons to Chuanxi Bazi Malaysia to their Signature Mushroom Broth. “Following our strict principles of not using artificial additives or ingredients, we crafted the broth to suit the Chinese-Malaysian taste buds whilst infusing nourishing herbs and spices with the nutritional benefits of fish maw, which is rich in collagen, proteins and nutrients. Fish maw has always been a traditional delicacy that represents fortune and health”.

Amongst the Chuanxi Bazi’s new selections, the introduction of the Premium A4 Grade Australian beef stands out as its most sought-after items on the menu. Karen explained, “many of our patrons have given tremendously positive feedback on our recipes, service and the ambient of our flagship store, to which we are very humbled and grateful for. The introduction of the A4 Grade Australian beef, amongst others is our way to show our patrons that we will continually improve and live our brand’s philosophy of “Good Company, Good Food. In many ways, it complements our superior hotpot heritage, and we will continue to improve on our selections and menu with premium ingredients, especially where the quality of supply can be found”.

The brand as strict quality guidelines and the Chuanxi Bazi’s resident chef, which is rotated from the ranks of senior chefs from Chuanxi Bazi China, checks and greenlights all ingredients daily to ensure the prescribed guidelines are adhered to. Chef Yang commented, “all our ingredients are inspected daily to ensure that quality of supply is of the acceptable specifications to our brand. For example, the A4 Australian beef are imported after reviewing numerous suppliers and checked daily for their levels of meat color, marbling, fat depth, and so on. This is done with all the ingredients which we use to serve our patrons”.

Coming into its sixth month of arriving on the shores of Malaysia from Chengdu, China, Chuanxi Bazi also celebrated the presentation of its new Gourmet Selections with the launch of invite-only, life-time Gold-plated VIP Card which is presented to loyal patrons as well as members of the media. Karen comments, “the success of Chuanxi Bazi Malaysia so far is purely from the support of our patrons and is something we are pleasantly surprised at. The life-time VIP card is just our small way of saying thanks to all the support and encouragement we have been receiving”.

Located on the 2nd floor, the Chuanxi Bazi outlet at Sunway Visio Tower (V03A), Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity, Cheras is now open every day from 12 am to 11 pm and will be open throughout the Chinese New Year Festive season. For more information, customers are welcome to visit the official Facebook page at:

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