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April 04, 2020

nomakenolife beauty box has sparkled my day especially during Movement Control Order Period due to virus outbreak. I am lucky enough as I manage to order their February month beauty box as February is my birthday month. nomakenolife is every women beauty dream as The February release offers A'pieu Chocolate Milk Sheet mask, Capsa Lip Plumper, Melliesh 3-way Multi Heart, Momocos colored Eye Pencil, Holika Holika Heart Crush Lipstick Creamy Velvet, Medius Heart Eye Mask, Beauty World Palette and Dear My Soap. 

Each of the beauty box is specially packaged by nomakenolife and it comes with a small booklet to give you more introduction about the products. nomakenolife is a Japanese and Korean Beauty box that bring surprise to you every month. And each beauty boxes contain 8-9 items of Korean and Japan cosmetics plus skincare. Which is why box subscriptions may the perfect opportunity to spruce things up. 

nomakenolife is a box of beauty goods that arrive in a cute box on your doorstep, with options from a one-month, three-month, six-month or even twelve-month subscription! Their boxes are curated to pamper you and provide new products to take your primping game from 0 to 100 real quick. The pretty package box can even be re-used to hold your personal belongings!

A'pieu Chocolate Milk Sheet mask 

A'pieu Chocolate Milk Sheet mask is from Korean. Contain cacao that helps to remove dead skin cells while milk essence provides moisture to my skin. The mask specifically designed to fit any face and I love the chocolate smell.  I definitely love the result after the mask session.

Medius Heart Eye Mask 

Medius Heart Eye Mask is a product from Korea. Looking at the mirror and seeing my exhausted face; the guilty culprit is the puffy and tired-looking eyes. Add in the hectic lifestyle, indirectly it quickly takes up residence under the eyes in the form of bags. Medius Heart eye Mask is my savior as it is a heart-shaped hydrogel eye mask. It helps to boost up the moisture around my eyes.

Holika Holika Heart Crush Lipstick Creamy Velvet

I love the heart-shaped lipstick that delivers the velvet matte finish. This heart-shaped lipstick is every girl's dream! I receive a red color and it looks vibrant on me. Its velvety texture is light and creamy, gliding gently onto the skin for extremely easy application. 

Capsa Lip Plumper

This is my favorite lip plumper and is a product from Japan. As we know an adventure in injectable beauty is a lifestyle of rich girl lips as lip filler is expensive. Capsa Lip Plumper designed to enhance, moisture and heal our lip. The lip treatment designs to achieve fuller, sexier and moisture lip. I love the clear gloss lip serum that using actual pepper extract to make our lip appear fuller. Now my lip more moisture and more volume. 

Melliesh 3-way Multi Heart

I love the cute little heart shape of Melliesh 3-Way Multi Heart that can be used on lip, cheek and eyes area. The case even has a small mirror so you can apply your makeup on the go. Come in 4 flavors: heart in pink, cherry red, rich brown and cassis berry to be chosen in February beauty box. It makes my makeup much easier in 3 simple steps.


Momocos Colored Eye Pencil

This cute and colorful Harajuku style eye pencil will make your eyes pop, great for special occasions or adding a bit of color to your everyday look! Come in 4 beautiful shade: Red, Pink, Blue and black. Smooth delivery of the eyeliner and the pencil tips is soft. 

Beauty World Makeup Palette

Beauty World Maekup Palette comes in 10-color that suitable for your eyes, cheeks and face. There are 4 varieties to be chosen: Daily color, Elegant color, Tropical color and Natural color. I love nude and natural makeup and I am glad I owe this beautiful natural color. 

Dear My Soap

Dear My soap contains rosehip oil that can moisture my skin Come in a heat shape and the cutest soap I have owned. Besides that, the heart-shaped soap bar has a sweet Bulgarian rose scent that is acceptable for me. In the February beauty box, you will get either blue, pink or white color soap.

Are you feel excited after seeing nomakenolife February beauty box. I am a big fan of K-beauty and J-beauty. I will travel to Japan or Korean to stock my beauty products. Now I don't have to do this as with one click, I can shop for Japanese and Korean beauty box at nomakenolife. And you will be the first one to own the limited-edition beauty products. Subscript now with nomakenolife monthly beauty box so you will no miss any of their beauty box.

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