The Launching of Dr. SHEVA Erage Gel, World No.1 Collagen Tuna

January 28, 2020

Have you ever heard about Tuna Collagen? Maybe this is a new term for you but tuna collagen is famous in Japan.

Japan is one of the world’s largest consumer of tuna fish. In line with sustainable fishing and farming efforts globally, Dr. Sheva's laboratory sought ways to reduce aquaculture waste, especially of such a precious natural resource. They discovered a secret to this nutritious treasure of the sea - its scales are especially rich in collagen! Introduce to you the birth of Erage Gel that contains tuna collagen.

When our skin starts to age, it loses the elastic tissue (collagen and elastin) and this causes our skin to hang loosely. Dr. Sheva Erage Gel able to tackle the skin issue.  Dr. Sheva’s Erage gel restores youth to your skin, from both inside and out via transdermal absorption and stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin from within.

The Beauty of Dr. Sheva Eragen Gel

1) Tuna Collagen - Purest source and disease-free.

2) Both fish scales and skin are exceptionally rich in collagen and elastin, with the finest particular structures and lowest molecular weights compared to other animals.

3) Fastest Absorption - With hydrolyzation, the already small particles of collagen and elastin are further broken down into tripeptides, for up to double the transdermal absorption rate and efficacy versus unhydrolyzed collagens.

The launching of Dr. Sheva Eragen Gel was officiated by Fabian Teh, CEO of Dr. Sheva Malaysia, Celebrity Nana Ng, ambassador of Dr Sheva and Casey Seow.

On the same day, Nana also sharing her experience after using Dr. Sheva Erage Gel. Her skin looks healthy and younger. Nana is a mother of three but she looking much younger than her age. Nana also mentions Dr Sheva skincare products is a Halal skincare.

Dr. Sheva available at Start a healthy skin with Dr. Sheva Eragen Gel.

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