The Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party @ KAKIYUKI, 163 Mont Kiara

January 23, 2020

I always love Christmas and it is the right time to share the love and joy with people surrounding you. Thank you The Butterfly Project for extending the invitation to attend  "The  Butterfly X Dolly Wink Christmas Party".

The themed for that day is Kawaii Jap Christmas. On that day I dressed up in black mesh puff sleeve Organza crop top from Femme Luxe and baby blue tutu dress that I bought from Singapore. The Christmas party was organized at KAKIYUKI, 163 Mont Kiara. Mamasan spoilt us with delectable Japanese shaved Ice and Dessert. 


On 14th June 2019, KAKIGORI has changed the brand name to KAKIYUKI. And their current logo portraying YUKI  the snow lady mascot remain unchanged. KAKIYUKI is served Japanese Shaved Ice dessert. KAKIYUKI maintains the same essential elements - fluffy shaved ice, real fruits, and premium ingredients, no artificial coloring, and flavoring and never ever made from concentrate.

The desserts are so tempting and how can I say no to DESSERT 😝 Check out the shaved Ice, daifuku, rolls, warabomochi and pudding. Thumb up to KAKIGORI and thank you for fill up our stomach with desserts.

Before the event, Mamasan sends us an email us to remind us not to wear eye makeup. The Butterfly Project collaborates with Dolly Wink (Kojihonpo Malaysia) to run a contest whereby butterflies will put on Dolly Wink's latest eyelash and eye makeup. The event started with a simple introduction by Dee Leonard, the loyal emcee for The Butterfly Project. And the contest T&C was briefed by Mamasan. 

Applying false eyelashes can be tricky and I have to choose an ideal lash type for my eye shape, and handy hacks for applying them so they look natural – and last. So I hardly put on false eyelashes. During the Christmas party, we are required to put on false eyelashes and my one irksome shame is the fact that I had never mastered the art of applying false lashes before.

But thanks god, Dolly Wink's false eyelashes are super easy to put on. Easy Lash by Dolly Wink comes in 16 new designs of falsies.

What I like about Easy Lash by Dolly Wink ?

1) The falsies eyelashes are super soft and it looks natural.

2) Easy to put on and it only takes 10 seconds.

3) No trim is required as it fits well on the eyelash.

4) Come in 16 new designs of falsies.

As I mention, I'm not an expert in putting on eye makeup plus eyelashes but I still can see the differences. Easy Lash by Dolly Wink comes with a left and right sign so it is easy for you to put it on. Each of us will be judged by our creativity in putting up the eye makeup. 

How to put on Easy Lash?

1. Grasping the corner of lash band. Gently remove lash from platform, hold lash at both ends and flex a few times.

2. Bring lash to eyelid and drape along lid as close to natural lash roots as possible. Press in place. The Lash fit my eyelid perfectly. 

While waiting for judges to choose the winner, all of us migle around and enjoy our shaved ice. 

Announcing the winner

Congratulation to the winners. They deserve to be crowned as a winner. Their creativity has won the judges' hearts. Five of the winners will receive RM100 voucher to shop for their favorite makeup at 4allbeauty .  

Thank you to Butterfly project and Dolly Wink for organizing the Christmas Party. It was a meaningful Christmas party to close 2019. Although I not an expert putting on fake eyelash, but I am impress with Dolly Wink eyelashes. Highly recommend to my readers.

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