Kitohana Moist Li Cious Aqua Essence - New Skincare Line That Keep My Skin Hydrate All The Time

January 04, 2020

2019 was a tiring year for me, especially the pollutant environment that give a big impact to my skin. Getting any of these skin reactions can disrupt your day and affect your mood. So I'm going to start my new year with Kitohana MOIST LI CIOUS series. 

MOIST LI CIOUS products given an optimal moisture balance to our skin. Keep our skin stay hydrated, younger and plumper. Discover the secret behind Kitohana MOIST LI CIOUS Aqua Essence. This is a skincare hack that’s proven to always work. Keeping hydrated prevents your skin from drying out.

The Ingredients 

Kitohana MOIST LI CIOUS Aqua Essence contains Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates into our skin. Giving my skin the best hydration.

Aloe Vera - the best healing power. Aloe Vera can help to treat dry skin. It helps seal the moisture into our skin.

Besides that, it also has Matricaria floral extracts & licorice root extract derivatives soften and soothes our skin. While pomegranate seed oil provides vital defense against external influences that can visibly exhaust our skin.


Lightweight, soft and gentle texture. It penetrates into my skin easily. I love the nice scent of the essence.

The packaging

Kitohana MOIST LI CIOUS Aqua Essence comes in a transparent glass bottle, complete with a pump for application gives the whole product a classic, vintage vibe. I love the luxurious feeling of being transported back in time whenever I use the product.

How to use?
  • After Cleansing, pump 2 to 3 drops of Aqua Essence and apply on the face and neck.
  • Massage gently to ensure the essence absorbs fully in my skin.
  • Apply in the morning and night.

Kitohana MOIST LI CIOUS Aqua Essence is priced at RM80 and available at

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