Philips Christmas Gift Guide - It’s not too late to be everyone’s favourite Santa

December 20, 2019

With Christmas looming next week, are you one of those still scrambling for gift ideas? Do you still hope to present a gift that will thrill recipients and put you on their favourite Santa list? This handy holiday gift guide from Philips will point you towards awesome yet functional gift choices that will have everyone looking forward to your presents.

For the ladies who wish to look their best

The ladies may find going to the salon a hassle during the holiday season, so, nifty tools that make hairstyling in the comfort and convenience of home a breeze are always welcome – especially if they make it easy to achieve salon-quality styles!

With the Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler, curling your hair has never been this fuss-free! You can curl twice as much hair at one go with its longer barrel, while the smart curl guards and vertical grip makes it easier to reach hair on the back of your head and prevents hair from getting jammed. Achieve endless looks with 27 setting combinations that offer something for every hair type. Forget your styling worries – the protective ceramic coating with keratin infusion cares for your hair, even as the improved chamber protects both your hair and your fingers from burns.

Featuring MoistureProtect technology, the Philips DryCare Prestige Hairdryer has an infrared sensor that continually measures the optimal temperature to dry your hair, preserving its natural moisture, protecting against cuticle damage, and ensuring your hair remains softer, shinier and healthier. With 2300W of high-performance drying power, six speeds and heat settings, this professional-quality hairdryer makes drying and styling your hair quicker, easier and gentler.

For the perfectly groomed gentleman

For the gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life, including fine grooming, having top quality grooming tools that can do more, and achieve better results is a must.

Philips S9000 Prestige wet and dry electric shaver (SP9860/13) (RRP RM1,599)

Experience the world's closest electric shave with the Philips S9000 Prestige electric shaver. It glides smoothly over your skin, cutting each hair exceptionally close – even if you haven’t shaved for a week! The NanoTech precision blades are strengthened with nano particles for extra strong and long-lasting sharp edges for the ultimate close shave. Hair is cut with the highest precision, delivering extremely close results at the skin level. The shaver’s Superb SkinComfort rings are coated with anti-friction metallic pigments for outstanding gliding capability. This premium shaver also comes with a Qi charging pad, so you can wirelessly charge your shaver or any other Qi-compliant device.

Philips Multigroom series 7000 16-in-1 trimmer for Face, Hair and Body (MG7730/15) (RRP RM338)

Enjoy ultimate styling, precision and versatility with the Philips Multigroom series 7000 16-in-1 trimmer for Face, Hair and Body. Perfect your personal style with Philips’ most precise and versatile trimmer with 16 premium tools that allow users to craft their unique style from head to toe. Enjoy maximum precision with DualCut technology that comes with 2x more blades and added control with a no-slip rubber grip. Trim and style facial hair, clip head hair and groom your body hair with ease. The metal trimmer even works without a comb to get clean, sharp lines around your beard, neck and hairline, or on body hair. The steel blades lightly brush against one another for self-sharpening, ensuring tip-top sharpness even after years of use.

For those who are health-conscious but time-poor

For those keen to ensure every meal and drink is healthy and nutritious, the fast-paced modern lifestyle can sometimes get in the way. Help your loved one maintain healthy mealtimes and snack times with Philips’ convenient kitchen appliances.

Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender (HR2602/01) (RRP RM209)

For the busy bee, making a quick and easy smoothie is a snap using the Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender. Don’t underestimate its compact size as it is mighty in power with a 350W motor and 4-star blade packed into an ergonomic jar design. In as little as 30 seconds, you can get a silky blend regardless if you’re making a veggie dip, a healthy breakfast smoothie or even a frozen cocktail – ice and hard ingredients are no challenge for this compact but mighty appliance. Save time on your healthy smoothies every morning – just blend your ingredients into its tumbler, put on the tumbler cap and you’re ready to go.

Philips Avance Collection IH Rice Cooker (HD4528/62) (RRP RM599)

Regardless of the form and type of carbs you want, the Philips Avance Collection IH Rice Cooker – equipped with Philips’ patented iSpiral induction heating technology that creates a strong vortex and outside-in water flow, ensures that every grain is heated evenly and well-cooked, complemented by the 5-layer Bakuhanseki coating iron pot for superior heat conductivity and durability. With 10 dedicated cooking menus and programmes offered, you can vary your meals across different types of grains and beans, and even keep your food warm and fresh for up to 12 hours for greater mealtime flexibility.

For the hands-on coffee aficionado
If you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift for the die-hard coffee aficionado in your life, look no further than Philips’ range of coffee machines that make it easy to serve up the perfect cuppa at any hour.

Philips 2200 series fully automatic espresso machine (EP2220/10) (RRP RM3,299)

With the Philips 2200 series fully automatic espresso machine, prepare two delicious coffees from fresh beans with ease. The delicious taste and aroma of coffee is easily brewed at the perfect temperature, thanks to the intelligent brewing system. Make a silky smooth cappuccino or latte macchiato with no fuss, using the classic milk frother. Regardless of your preference, it’s so easy to find your preferred option from three different settings and adjust the strength and quantity of your beverage via the My Coffee Choice menu.

Philips 3100 series fully automatic espresso machine (EP3510/00) (RRP RM2,999)

Get your coffee exactly the way you want it with the Philips 3100 series fully automatic espresso machine. Make your perfect espresso from fresh beans using the 100% ceramic grinders and easily select strength, temperature and length via the intuitive display. Whether you want an espresso, black coffee or a milk-based drink, the fully-automatic machine delivers a perfect result with no hassle and in no time! Save your favourite drink setting in your personal user profile, so your favourite drinks are easily accessible at the touch of a button. Maintenance is also a breeze thanks to Philips’ patented AquaClean water filter, allowing you to enjoy up to 5,000 cups of coffee without descaling the machine.

For fuss-free home cleaning

Do you know anyone who has been getting behind on house cleaning because they are often too tired to drag out the vacuum cleaner plus the mop and pail at the end of the day or even on weekends? They may just be the right recipient of a life-changing vacuum cleaner from Philips.

Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua (FC6904/01) (RRP RM2,599)

The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua boasts the fastest cordless 3-in-1 cleaning experience yet1, thanks to its breakthrough 360° suction nozzle, a PowerBlade digital motor and PowerCyclone 8 technology. Delivering supreme airflow1, the 3600 nozzle picks up dust and dirt faster – not only in the forward stroke, but also in the backward stroke and from all sides. Additionally, the three-stage advanced filtration system captures up to 100%2 of fine dust, bacteria and allergens3 to release cleaner air. Meanwhile, the vacuum and mop system with its innovative AquaBoost pedal enables users to control water release and increase the wetness for tough areas or bothersome stains, removing up to 99% bacteria3, while the 25.2V lithium ion battery provides up to 75 minutes of runtime before needing to recharge.

For healthy pearly whites at any age

A pearly white smile is desired by most people, but beyond that, a healthy mouth is a sign of overall good health. To achieve this, caring for our oral health is key, right from childhood. But sometimes, despite our best intentions, we may not be achieving maximum results in oral healthcare. Here, having the right tools literally in hand can make a difference, so why not give the gift of good oral healthcare this holiday season.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean sonic electric toothbrush (HX9352/04) (RRP RM942)

Enjoy the Sonicare range’s best whitening effect in the most elegant Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush yet – the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush. With the densely-packed, high-quality bristles, remove up to 7x more plaque, get a 2x whiter smile in just 7 days, and achieve healthier gums in 2 weeks, all compared to using a manual toothbrush. Cover all your brushing needs with the brush’s five modes – for daily cleaning, gentle gum massage, teeth polishing, gentle yet effective cleaning of sensitive gums, and surface stain removal.

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Interdental Rechargeable (HX8211/02) (RRP RM712)

For those who don’t floss consistently, AirFloss is an easy way to start or improve cleaning between teeth. AirFloss can be used with mouthwash or water and features unique air and micro-droplet technology to help remove plaque in hard to reach areas. With the AirFloss, cleaning your entire mouth takes just 30 seconds, and is clinically proven to improve gum health in just two weeks. Customer surveys also found that the AirFloss helps form good oral care habits, with 96% of inconsistent flossers continuing to use the AirFloss four or more days per week, after three months of starting to use it regularly. 

Philips Sonicare For Kids sonic electric toothbrush (HX6321/03) (RRP RM282)

Getting kids to brush for longer using the right technique can sometimes be a challenge. Via the Philips Sonicare For Kids Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush, a fun coaching app is introduced to teach kids better brushing technique, with gamification features to ensure that the children continue to brush daily. Each session starts with clear visual instructions about correct brushing techniques and the app's progress monitor tracks the total performance, which parents can also monitor. With kids motivated by exciting rewards for a job well done, 98% of parents surveyed say it's easier to get kids to brush for longer and better.

For a perfectly wrinkle-free wardrobe

You might know someone who is looking to step up their dressing, and having a well put-together and wrinkle-free outfit certainly helps in making a good first impression. How about giving them a hand to relieve the pain of ironing with one of Philips’ super-effective irons.

Philips PerfectCare Compact steam generator iron (GC7808/40) (RRP RM1,131) 

The Philips PerfectCare Compact steam generator iron – Philips’ most compact steam generator iron yet, offers ultimate crease removal from your garments thanks to its powerful continuous steam that tackles even rough creases and thicker fabrics with ease and speed. With OptimalTEMP technology, you'll no longer have to waste time changing temperature settings, waiting for the temperature to adjust or pre-sorting clothes. From jeans to silk, only one temperature setting is needed, no burns guaranteed! You can also leave the hot soleplate on the ironing board without causing any damage, helping to reduce any discomfort to your wrists, as you won't need to lift the iron to and from its base as often.

Philips EasySpeed Advanced steam iron (GC2678/36) (RRP RM234)

The Philips EasySpeed Advanced steam iron helps make ironing faster from start to finish with 2400W of power for quick heat-up in 30 seconds, steam output of up to 40 g/min for strong, steady performance, up to 190g of steam boost that penetrates deeper into fabrics to easily remove stubborn creases, a durable ceramic soleplate for quick gliding, and Philips’ drip-stop system to ensure only steam is released from the iron for perfect results.


Ready to start shopping? Philips’ range of products is available at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery and Wangsa Walk, both in Kuala Lumpur; and at retail partners and distributor stores nationwide, as well as via the official online store on Lazada at To find out more about Philips’ range of products in Malaysia, visit

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