DR.WU Glutalight™ Whitening System - Say Hello To Whiter Skin

December 03, 2019

Dark spots are my archenemy. Every time I get a pimple, I end up with a hideous scar that stands out against my dull complexion. Like most women who struggle with hyperpigmentation, I've tried slathering on whitening skincare but it doesn't work on me. And some whitening skincare contains bleaching agents that irritated our skin. And some of us took whitening injection just to look fairer. 

I am glad that my favorite brand, Dr. Wu introduces all-new Glutalight™ Whitening System and it changes my perspective towards whitening skincare. Dr. Wu creating  Whitening System two years ago and spent a lot of time testing and verifying the results with academics from good laboratories before carrying out internal testing.

Dr. Wu Glutalight™ Whitening System using Glutathione as a skincare ingredient, adopting advanced patented Japanese technology to develop extremely stable yet give an effective result.  For your information, Glutathione has been used for solving hyperpigmentation and now you can experience it in Dr. Wu Glutalight™ Whitening System. With their products enriched with a signature formula called Glutathione, Dr. Wu Glutalight Whitening System promises to unlock a healthy and brighter skin. Glutalight products do not contain any sensitizing or photosensitive ingredients nor alcohol, making it gentle enough for sensitive and post-treatment skin.

The formula also includes AA2G (Ascorbyl Glucoside), Hyalo-Oligo, Silybum Marianum Extract, Vitamin B3, B5 and B6. 

How does good lightening skincare benefit our skin?

1) Protect our skin from the damages of UV radiation and harmful free radicals. 
2) Suppress our skin from produce too much melanin as the more melanin, the darker the skin color.
3) Help the skin Reverse existing damage, pigmentation and dark spots caused by UV damage on the skin.
4) Hydrate the skin to keep our skin supple and plump throughout the lightening process.

And it seems that they really do deliver, based on the rave reviews their products receive on local beauty e-commerce sites. According to the test conducted by Providence University's cosmetics laboratory for 40 individuals aged between 25 to 50 years old who use Glutalight™ Whitening System on a daily basis for consecutive 28 days. Here are the results from the survey:-

97% of the respondents noticed fairer skin with Glutalight Whitening serum.
95% felt improved skin clarity
95% felt it reduced skin darkness
97% felt improved skin moisture
100% felt an improvement in evenness

Dr. Wu Glutalight™ Whitening System delivers 5 different functions in just one bottle - Whitening, Brightening, soothes and hydrates, creates an in-depth anti-pigmentation and even out the skin tone. Dr.Wu Glutalight™ Whitening System features 4 products that tailor-made to suit Asian skin. Dr.Wu Glutalight™ Whitening System can be used day and night. 

Glutalight™ Intensive Whitening Toner, 150ml (RM179)

The toner is an important step after cleansing. The toner contains Glutalight™ formula with add on Allantoin to soothe our skin, with whitening and moisturizing effects. It helps to lighten dull and uneven skin tone.

Glutalight™ Intensive Whitening Lotion, 50ml (RM219)

I love the lotion as it helps to decrease the appearance of pigmentation and also soothe and moisturize the skin. A lotion with a lightweight creamy texture that absorbs well in my skin. Non-greasy formula and keep my skin bright and shiny.

Glutalight™ Intensive Whitening Serum, 15ml (RM169)

This is the best serum I have ever own in my beauty haul. Packed with highest concentration of whitening ingredients that help to lighten dark spot, even uneven skin tone and make my skin look more radiant with just one bottle. The serum also helps prevent production of melanin.

Glutalight™ Intensive Whitening Eye serum, 15ml (RM179)

Our eye area is the most sensitive skin. Put on the eye serum to remove the appearance of the dark circle and improve the firmness. 

Add on Mandelic Acid Daily Renewal Serum, 15ml (RM129) for better results on our skin. Mandelic acid is one of the mildest ways to fasten our skin metabolism rate, get rid of the dead skin cell. The result: help to minimize the pores, remove blackhead/whitehead for better skin tone. For daily renewal serum use it at night time after cleanser step.

DR.WU Glutalight™ Whitening System is available at Watsons Malaysia nationwide. For more information regarding DR.WU Glutalight™ Whitening System, check out https://www.facebook.com/drwu.Malaysia/

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