The New Menu Release From IndowBowl @IOI City Mall

November 11, 2019

I am a big fan of Indonesian food especially street food. I love the hot pipping Bakso and their Indo Mee. Now I can enjoy the authentic Indonesian food at IndoBowl Resto. When talked about IndoBowl Resto, you will agree with me that their chewy and elastic noodles that pair well with their homemade sambal. IndoBowl Resto serves tasty Sumatran-inspired dishes and the founder's wife personally loved Indonesian cuisine. Bringing in the taste of Indonesian food makes IndoBowl Resto well known among Malaysian.

This round I pay a visit to IndoBowl Resto at IOI City Mall Putrajaya to try their new launched Signature menu. A lot of diners come to IndoBowl Resto because of their food and sambal Balado. This chili-based sauce is extremely spicy yet addictive. The sambal is a perfect condiment to enhance flavors of chicken, beef or even rice. Every meal is carefully prepared with traditional Indonesian cooking philosophy. Check out the new menu that adds to their existing menu.

Nasi Campur Dendeng 

Rice is the main part when coming to Indonesian cuisine. It's also a popular dish option because you get everything in a single serving on a plate. The nasi Campur comes with Sate Madura. The beef is so tender and sits in luscious spicy sambal.

The humble satay is marinated and grilled perfectly until the meat is tender and let me tell you, it tastes wonderful with the kicap manis marinade.

Indomie Bakso Goreng Balado 

One of their famous dishes is the Indomie whereby you can enjoy the elastic and chewy noodles that pair well with Bakso Balado.

Bakso is a popular Indonesian meatball that has a springy texture. The Indomie Bakso Goreng Balado served warm with a splash of chili sauce.

Bakwan Udang 

Bakwan Udang is a traditional fritter made from fresh shrimp and flour. I love the crispiness of Bakwan Udang.
Nasi Ayam Petai Sambal Tomato

The dish might look simple to you but I love the combination of the ingredients. The fresh tomatoes pair well with the sweetness of the chicken and petai. Mixed it with the chili to bring out the flavour.

Sate Ayam 

It is fantastic because the well-marinated satay is grilled to perfection, leaving it smokey and tender with a wonderful sweet and sour taste from the marination. 

The set comes with 3 different types of drinks - Soda Gembira, Es Cendol, and Soda Jagung to quench your thirst.

IndoBowl uses various blends of spices that can really work wonders with even the simplest of dishes. As major ingredients, the usually combined to induce a delightful taste that lingers after every bite. Overall, I was satisfied with the new menu.

IndoBowl Resto @ IOI City Mall

Lot LG-36, Lower Ground Floor,
IOI City Mall,
Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya,
Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort,
62502 Putrajaya, Selangor
Contact: 012-580 0362

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