The Journey to Muar, Johor - Piala Hektar , Mural and Food Hunting

November 13, 2019

If you're looking for a getaway in one of the most exciting cities, look no further: Muar's abundance of cultural gems, culinary delights, and superb shopping are sure to satisfy. The journey to Muar, Johor takes about 2 hours from KL Sentral. Muar or better known as Bandar Maharani is in Johor and this royal town blessed with its beautiful Mural and local delicacies.

Classic Hotel @Muar, Johor

Upon arriving at Classic Hotel, we proceed with the check-in process. The staff greeted us with a warm smile. The staff helps us to proceed with the check-in and the process is quite fast. Classic Hotel has offered a different type of room which was constructed in a palette of white and dominated by a King-Sized / Single Sized bed that provides the right amount of support and softness.

Classic Hotel's Superior Twin room interior design meanwhile has dressed the calm and luxurious rooms. Standard amenities can be found such as LCD TV, Hot & Cold Shower, Free Internet WIFI, Free Mineral Water, Kettle, In and ergonomically designed desk with a chair and bathtub. Classic Hotel also offers room service (Dine-in room) with a variety of dishes. 

Guests will completely feel like a home with the spacious room await. Here, the guest will be spoilt by the Classic Hotel hospitality and facilities. And the best part, Classic Hotel is next to the town’s premier shopping mall (Wetex Parade) and within walking distance to all key attractions and famous eateries such as Muar Uptown and Glutton Street.

Wetex Parade

Wetex Parade is located within the commercial district on Muar and is next to Classic hotel. Wetex Parade is one-stop places for you to enjoy your dining, shopping, relaxation and fun.  For more information regarding events or promotion happen at Wetex Parade, do visit their website at

Wetex Parade Shopping Centre
Hektar Property Services Sdn Bhd
Lot 3A-M, Level 3A,
Wetex Parade,
69 Jalan Ali,
84000 Muar,

Contact: +60 6-954 4848
Business Hours: Open Daily (10:00am - 10:00pm)

Choral Speaking  Final 2019 (Piala Hektar)

At the same time, there was a Choral Speaking happen at Classic Hotel. When I was young, I have joined the Choral speaking too. The Top six schools were selected in the final and they will be competing across six districts where Hektar operates neighborhood malls.

In the 2019 competition, Hektar organized Choral speaking in six of its malls with schools competing in the six districts of Subang Jaya, Melaka, Muar, Sungai Petani, Kulim and Segamat. 

The Piala Hektar competition is an original Hektar initiative designed to empower student educational efforts across the communities of Hektar malls. The initial competition features Choral Speaking, which is designed to uplift the standard of spoken English in Malaysian schools. 

Congratulations to SMK Subang Utama, Subang Jaya as they manage to impress the judges on the theme of "The Use of Social Media for a Greener Future". The winners bring back a grand trophy plus RM6000in prizes while the remaining schools were awarded consolation prizes.

Food Hunting at Muar

You can easily distinguish the differences between the foods as each of the dishes features distinctive and unique characteristics. Muar well known for their otak-otak, mee bandung, asam pedas , sup tulang and etc. What I am going to show you not only the local dishes but also provide you the map location.

Be prepared with mouthwatering and finger-licking dishes!
Otak Otak Cheng Boi 
Local that grow up in Muar will recommend Otak-Otak to their friends and Otak-Otak Cheng Boi is one of my favorite places.

The Otak-Otak is made by fresh mackerel fish, squid or prawn, are wrapped thoroughly in coconut leaves and ready to be grilled. You can opt for frozen otak-otak that packed in a packet.

Otak Otak Cheng Boi
8-4, Jalan Bantayan, 
Muar, Johor
Contact: 019 626 3030
Business Hours: Daily (7:30am to 4:00pm)

Muar Soup House

Muar Soup House has operated since 1958 to serve different types of amazing food such as Sup Kambing, Sup tulang, mee bandung and etc.

I bet you will love the soup kambing. The thick and creamy broth overflow with soft and chewy meat. The taste is strong with a bit of spiciness. Such an appetizing soup and this is the best soup I ever taste. Do come early as Muar Soup House always packed with the crowd. Good food mean to be share.

Muar Soup House
47, Jalan Sisi,
Pekan Muar,
84000 Muar Johor

Contact: +606 – 954 1786
Business Hours: Daily (24 hours)

Sai Kee Coffee 434

What is so special about Sai Kee Coffee 434? The number 434 actually is taken from the coffee shop contact number. Sai Kee Coffee 434 produce their own coffee and Elephant brand coffee is one of their famous brands. The coffee at Sai Kee is made in a traditional way whereby you can enjoy the robust and aromatic coffee.

Besides serving aromatic coffee, they also sell the coffee that packed in a bag.

Sai Kee Coffee 434
121, Jalan Maharani,
84000 Muar, Johor
Contact: +606 – 951 3046
Business Hours: Daily (8:00am – 5:30pm)

A Luck Kopitiam

A simple toast that spread with thick peanut butter or chocolate will satisfy your stomach. If you looking for a light and simple breakfast, I will recommend A Luck Kopitiam. Add on soft boil egg to complete your breakfast.

A Luck Kopitiam,
Jalan Sisi,
Pekan Muar,
84000 Muar,Johor

ZZ Satay Warisan

Do you know the local people in Muar enjoy eating satay pagi (morning satay)? ZZ Satay Warisan definitely packed with the crowd and the staff is busy fanning the flames to grill the skewers of meat to serve throngs of waiting diners.

And their satay is good as the meat is juicy and tender. You can order their Soto or mee rebus. 

ZZ Satay Warisan
13, Jalan Majidi,
Taman Sri Tanjung,
84000 Muar, Johor.

Contact: +60 19-659 0895
Business Hours: Daily (7:00am - 3:00pm)

Isa Asam Pedas

Parit Jawa is one of the attractions place in Muar as they famous with fresh seafood. Our lunch was at Isa Asam Pedas and their asam pedas is the main selling point. The fish is boiled in their  very own asam pedas mixture, then served piping hot. 

We decided to go with some stir-fried cabbage on the side, and fried chicken, rice, asam, and fish was just heavenly.

Isa Asam Pedas
Parit Jawa,
84150 Parit Jawa, Johor

Contact: +60 17-683 9114

Cendol Kampung Hulu @Muar BacklaneDistrict

Don't forget to keep your stomach for dessert. Let's explore for cendol and Cendol Kampung Hulu offers a different type of cendol. The Durian cendol is a must-try. The Cendol Kampung Hulu is actually at Muar Backlane district. While enjoying your cendol, you can take this opportunity to take some photos of the Murals.

Cendol Kampung Hulu @MuarBacklaneDistrict
Jalan Sisi, Pekan Muar,
84000 Muar, Johor.

Contact:+60 19-661 4439

Street Art of Muar

After the full meal, let's take a walk along Jalan haji Abu to hunt for the street arts. Majority of the murals in Muar concentrates around the town centre and most of them are gigantic. Do check out as these murals are mostly a year old.

"The Loving Sisters" was painted by Julia Volchkova, a Russian Mural artist. She bumped into these two sisters name Nur Najwa Aliesya, aged 7 and Nur Najiyah Amani, aged 3 at Tanjung Emas by coincident and captured the photo with beautiful facial expression especially the pairs of eyes.

Walk along Jalan Ali, near the parking lot behind Kwong Siu Building, you will notice "Action Actress" in Chinese operas.

The following two giant murals are on the walls of a shopping complex (Komplexs Legenda) at the intersection between Jalan Ali and Jalan Haji Abu. You will not miss it if you are gorging yourself along Glutton Street.

"The Bond" was painted by Sabek, a Spanish street artist. The mural depicts the bond between the girl and the black tiger.

This is one of my favorite Mural as "Bangsa Johor" is painted on the clock tower in Tanjung Emas Park. The mural depicts racial harmony in Malaysia.

Walk along Tanjung Emas Park and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Tanjung Emas Park is a recreational park, located in Sungai Muar estuary. There is also boat service cruising along Sungai Muar for 45 minutes to an hour departure from the park which provides an opportunity for tourists to enjoy the view of Muar from the river. Don't forget to take picture with "I Love Muar" signboard.

If you need more information regarding Muar, you can drop by Muar Yi (Muar Tourist Info Center).

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