November 10, 2019

Thank you to Dr. Zyro for inviting us to his 29th Birthday Party at 55 Kitchen and Bar, Desa Park City. And the theme on that day is Oriental Myths & Legend whereby his guest well dresses up. More than 200 celebrities, influences, media, bloggers, business partners, and guests attend his birthday party. 

Knowing as a kind-hearted person, Dr. Zyro also encourages his guests to contribute to the charity whereby the donation will be channeled towards charity. He manages to collect more than RM6k during the party celebration. RM3k was donated to the Kiwanis Club of Bangsar, RM1k to Rotary Kasih, RM1k to The Giving Bank and RM1k to Gem & Bread. Great job, Dr. Zyro!

“This is a time to celebrate friendships and love, where we come together not only to have fun but can also do something meaningful together”, mention Dr. Zyro during that night.

The party becomes excited whereby Fara Dolhadi, Simon & Max and recording artist Candice make an appearance on stage to entertain the crowds. The crowd was cheering and enjoying the songs performed by the singers.

Some of the celebrity guests that attended Dr Zyro’s birthday party included Amber Chia, YouTuber Happy Polla, TVB HK actor Andy Lau Tin Long, Xavier, Asia Got Talent 2019 finalist Fara Dolhadi, Tan Sri James Tan, Dato’ Sri Dzulkarnain, Dato’ Sri Steven Eng, Tengku Normah, Dato’ Anthony Cheng, Dato’ Sri Vincent Tiew and Dato’ Jovi Heng, Datin Maylene, Datin Geraldine, Prof Coco Alex and many more.

The event celebration was a convergence of top brands that came together to make the birthday bash a mega-brand experience for guests. Led by 55 Kitchen and Bar as a venue host, strategic partners included bisClub, DreamLive, EmpComm, Fei Fei Crab Restaurant, Smileway Dental, Terry Lee Clinic, Vanzo, Tribalogy Studio, Liz Beauty, Silkscreen Trading, Caroline Ang, Sompoton Spa.

During that night, there were lucky draws. The lucky draw prizes are a sponsor by Chang Jiang coffee, Empro, ePure, Lip&Co, Boutiquinn, Aaron Lim and QVC Creative communication as the official costume designer for Dr. Zyro. 

Once again Thank you to Dr. Zyro for the invitation. Happy Birthday to you and hope to see you soon.  

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