BurgerLab: The stinkiest burger in Malaysia!

November 01, 2019

myBurgerLab is a relatively new player in the fast-food market. It started operations as recently as 2012. It was in 2012 that they opened their first store. But ever since they entered the fast-food market, they have managed to stay on the top. Their success can be attributed to the fact that they constantly keep on innovating. Every now and then they would come up with new and exciting recipes for their customers to try. There are a lot of restaurants that never try something new. They always stick to the old ways and old recipes and try to play it safe. But myBurgerLab is an exception in this case. They are not afraid to try something new, to innovate and most of the time they take the unconventional route. Today myBurgerLab has 6 outlets that are mainly spread over the area of Klang Valley.

This year they started operations in Bangsar as well. Renyi Chin, the co-founder of myBurgerLab, said that they wanted to enter the market in Bangsar last year but they stayed away out of respect for the KGB. But this year they have decided to take the competition head-on. Their entry into the Bangsar was quite welcome by the local community. Everyone knows that myBurgerLab hires more than 90 percent of their staff locally and they also give preference to the students. He also mentioned that they have close relations with inside coop and customers can look forward to some cross-promotional offers soon.

If you are someone who loves having burgers then you have every reason to stay excited. myBurgerLab always keeps on experimenting with new recipes. The most recent example was when they introduced a burger to pay tribute to the world-famous martial arts movie - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. They named the burger Crouching Fu Chok, Hidden Ginger. It was an instant hit. Even those who don't really prefer burgers got in line to taste this delicacy. You can even order burgers at your home. myBurgerlab delivery is really fast and requires minimal calling.

This month they are bringing back another fan-favorite recipe. It's popularly known as the Stinkbomb. They call it the smelliest, yet the tastiest burger. It has enjoyed a cult status among those who visit myBurgerLab regularly.

When we asked Renyi how he came up with such an unconventional idea he replied that he once had a burger at the Kristang restaurant. As he tasted that burger he immediately got this wonderful idea and started work on the recipe the very same day. Of course, it's not the same recipe or the same burger, Renyi added some tangy twist to the recipe and came with the idea of a burger with blue cheese. That's how the stink bomb was conceived.

We decided to taste the stinkbomb and then give judgment. We must say, we were not disappointed. It's definitely amongst the best burgers we have ever had at a fast-food joint. The patty was made from Australian beef and it was soft and juicy. It was grilled to perfection. It had some fresh lettuce, oven-baked tomatoes, a pineapple ring that was also grilled and some awesome tasting blue cheese dressing. What added to the flavor was the use of sambal petai and minced chicken and the stink beans. Now you know why they call it the stink bomb. You can also order this stink bomb in myburgerlab menu online from FoodPanda Malaysia to your place anyday!

The burger doesn't just taste awesome but also looks great. The stink bomb is made using their signature bamboo charcoal buns. If you are someone who doesn't like eating beef then there is no reason to be disappointed. They also have a chicken-based version of the same burger. Here the beef patty is replaced with a fried chicken thigh patty.

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