LIYFE Lady Blossom - Unleash Your Feminine Power To Stay Younger

October 26, 2019

Are you working hard to impress your man? There's something very important you need to understand if you want to feel completely adored in a relationship. I always told myself "Be Your Most Feminine Self". In this post, I would love to talk more about LIYFE Lady Blossom - Female Care Essential products. I have been consumed Lady Blossom for a month.

Since October is a wonderful month, I would love to spread the awareness of taking care of our vaginal. As a Malaysian, we as a woman a bit skeptical to talk about this topic. But do you know our vaginal will facing the aging process? The common symptom: dryness, itching, irritation or pain during intercourse. And this will affect the relationship and emotion.

Who is LIYFE?

LIYFE was registered in Malaysia and is directly affiliated with her mother company Green Nature Sdn Bhd an OEM giant with over 10 years of experience, with over 60 employees, with a brilliant R&D department and over 100 premium quality products under it.

The formula is developed by a team in Korea. And their Production standards are in compliance with local and international environmental regulations.

Why choose LIYFE?
  • The product is 100% organic
  • The formulas are 100% tested and proven worked to increase personal well being and beauty. 
  • LIYFE used premium ingredients and offer an affordable price.
  • LIYFE looks to become an integral part of the PCP (personal care products) industry. In the nearest future LIYFE international is looking to launch over 50 products ranging from supplements to skin care products. Our main goal is your satisfaction and we are totally committed to achieving just that. You can’t go wrong with LIYFE international.
My Journey With LIYFE Lady Blossom

Lady Blossom is one of the successful products by LIFYE. As mention in the above post, I have been consumed Lady Blossom for one month. Does Lady Blossom work for me? How does it taste?

Lady Blossom comes in a powder foam and packet in a pink sachet. I love how they market their products in a round pink box. The main 3 types of herbal extract were careful chosen from 71 types  such as Cyanchum Wilfordii, phlomis Umbrosa & Angelica Gigas Naka.  The herbs has been used in Korean for more than 400 years and help to relieve the menopaus symptoms.

The benefits of Estrog-100 :-
  • No more dryness for the vaginal 
  • 86% decrease in menopausal symptoms compare to isoflavones
  • Reduce Skin Wrinkles
  • Moisture of skin improve
  • Reduce Hot flashed
I like the light taste of Lady Blossom and it can be consumed directly or add in 50ml luke water.

Lady Blossom is easy to bring with you and can be consume anytime. Advisable to take  1 to 2 sachets per day. 

Lady Blossom increase the moisture level of my vagina and at the same time help to tighten the muscle of my vagina area. Indirectly it helps to increase the relationship between me and my husband.

Secondly it helps to regulate my period as it helps to ease the period pain. And it decrease the amount of blood clots.

Thirdly, my skin condition improve a lot. On the first picture, you might notice a sagging, dry and open pores skin condition. Due to the natural ingredients, my skin more brighter, uplift on the cheek area and more radiance. When you skin getting better, it indirectly boost the confident level.
More information regarding Lady Blossom can be found at their FB Page: or Instagram @liyfeofficial

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