Legend Age - The New Lip Care For Your Lip

October 10, 2019

Do you always find your lips dry and chapped at the end of the day no matter how frequently you put on your balm? Perhaps it’s time to pamper your lips! Treat it with Legend Age, one of my favorite lip balm. The legend Age luxuriously cares for your lips, giving me softer and plumper lip that you’ve been aiming for. 

Why Legend Age is different from other lipstick or lip balm?

💋 Natural Ingredients

What I like about Legend Age is this lip balm is made from natural ingredients. It is a plus point for me to invest in Legend Age. This Lip blam did not contain artificial or harmful chemicals. The main ingredients are beeswax, West Indian cherry essence, Vitamin E oil and Titanium dioxide that keeps my lip healthy. No animal cruelty involved when the lip balm is been made.

💋Edible Paste

You are wondering what is "Edible Paste" mean in this term. Do you know that we tend to eat between 4 to 9 pounds of our own lipstick? I was shocked when I read this statement as I did not realize it. The chemicals ingested can potentially harm our health and unborn. But for Legend Age, it has been tested to be safe for consumption due to its healthy natural ingredients. Legend Age is safe to be used for children and pregnant women.

💋Extremely Moisturizing

The natural beeswax creates a barrier that protects the moisture, improves hydration and promote cell regeneration in the skin.

Personal Review

It is super moisturizing and it has a pleasant light cherry scent. All the natural products in Legend Age ensure I only get the best for my lips. PLUS, it turns my lip to pinky once apply on it. The color will appear based on individual's skin pH level. The Legend Age sensational lip balm provides color, moisture and gradient in just a swipe. A lightweight lip balm that it fit in my pouch. With only Legend Age, you can enjoy the 4 in 1 function. 

Legend Age is priced at RM155 and now they have offer for RM135. Check out Legend Age at https://www.legendarylipbalm.com/


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