J-Hunt The Mottainai Store at Aeon Big, Subang Jaya - The Best Shopping Experience

October 23, 2019

Shopping in Japan is like heaven as the product quality is so good and trendy. You pay for what you get. Now you can experience a similar experience as J-Hunt, The Mottainai Store has arrived in Malaysia. The first Japanese store located on the 2nd Floor, Aeon Big @Subang Jaya.

What is Mottainai?

Mottainai in Japanese terms means "to have respect for the resources, not to waste them and to use them with a sense of gratitude". Such a beautiful term that applied by J-Hunt and the word is closely related to the preservation of ecology and the concept of 3R's - Reduce, Reuse and Respect.

Who is J-Hunt?

If you looking for pre-loved, brand new items, premium items, and collector's items from Japan, J-Hunt is the right place to shop. J-Hunt is Vintage Lane that bringing Japan to Malaysia whereby you can experience the history, culture and traditional art forms of the Japanese.

Let's me take you for a tour at J-Hunt. Don't blink your eyes and stay until the end of my post as I have good news for you.

Vintage Lane items - originate from the Tokugawa Shogunate during the Edo period (1600-1868). In J-Hunt, you can view Samurai helmets, the Fortune cats, traditionally crafted chests, decorated porcelain, cast iron teapots, and native wooden dolls. These collections are available in J-Hunt and are for sale too.

Apparels, hat and Shoe - If you love Japanese fashion, you can't miss this section. In this section, you can pre-loved and new items too. I love how J-Hunt presenting the apparel as black color dress, blouses or even pants will be arranged in one corner and same to white color clothes. While the other colors will be in a different section. It looks neat and easy for customers to search for their favorite items. I grab myself Checkered Palazzo pants that I pair with casual or formal blouse. The pant is new and only cost me RM10.

Do check out their trendy hat too. J-Hunt offers stylish and fashionable hat. And also cute hat for kids.

While the shoe section is been arranged according to sports shoes, leisure / Casual shoes, and formal shoes. You can try and check the quality of the shoe size before you purchase it.

Baby Section - If you looking for baby items, J-Hunt has a lot of selection. From baby or kids apparel, shoes, toy, soft toys, stroller to baby car seats. All the items have been inspected before the items displayed on the shelves.

Sports Equipment / Musical Instruments - For those that looking for a new hobby or into sports, this section might attract your attention. They have different types of guitars, fishing rod, tennis racket and etc.

Kitchen appliances / Utensils - These are the crazy section for a person that loves to cook or get yourself busy in the kitchen. I am so happy when seeing all those pots, beautiful sets of plates and cup, kitchen utensils. As you know, Japan is well known for its Kitchen appliances / Utensils as they use the best quality stainless steel, porcelain and etc. That why Japanese food always delivers the best taste. See what I have grabbed from this section and believe me, the price is so tempting. Do you want to know what I have grabbed for myself? I bought these Japanese stainless steel hot pot that can be used for frying, stir cook or even make a nice steamboat dish. And this cute little egg boiler. The pot cost me RM30 and an egg boiler for RM10.

Bags / Luggage bags - It is time to show off your fashionista. 😆😆 J-Hunt has a lot of choices for bags. Some are pre-loved, premium and branded bags. Surprisingly the price is reasonable and the bags are original. I bought the Anello backpack for RM150 and the condition is new and original. The rattan bags collection is good and unique. They have boho types, picnic rattan bags, crossbody rattan bag, straw bags. I got myself these blue straw bags for RM70, strip shoulder bag for RM30 and a small and cute cotton tote bag for RM5. Looking for a clutch bag for evening dinner? J-Hunt will be the answer. 

And they also have different types and sizes for luggage bags. It is time to plan your holiday to travel.

Animate collections - Who is a big fan of Japanese animate? They do offer limited edition figures such as One Piece, Gundam, dragon ball and etc.

Watches - All the watches are limited edition and some come with a certificate.

Camera- Some of the cameras are pre-loved and still in good condition. J-Hunt offers different types of a camera such as mirrorless, DSLR, action camera, compact cameras and etc. The price is much cheaper and reasonable.

As I mention, I have good news to be shared with you. J-Hunt will officially open to the public on 25th October 2019. And they are generous enough to give away a mystery gift to 100 lucky shoppers. Take your phone and whatapps "I Love Jhunt" to 010 2026273 to claim your mystery gift.

J-Hunt brings the best shopping experience to shoppers whereby customers can choose whatever mode of payment that suits them such as cash, credit cards /debit cards or E-wallet. And do remember to bring your recycle bag as J-Hunt aims to go paperless. Do video your shopping experience and upload on your social media with a caption 'I love Jhunt because'. Don't forget to hashtag #JHUNTLAGIHEBAT #JHUNTMOMENTS and tag 10 of your friends. Who knows you can win away from the Grand Prize of RM3000.

Do remember to mark your calendar and I will see you at J-Hunt on this 25th October 2019. For more information or latest update, do visit J-Hunt at https://www.facebook.com/jhuntmottainaistore/ or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jhuntmottainaistore/

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