The Beauty of Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle Antioxidant Serum

September 02, 2019

I was pretty psyched to try Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle Antioxidant Serum to see what the fuss is about. After a couple of weeks of trying this out, I'm ready to pass on my verdict. Give your skin much needed rest and repairing with this antioxidant serum.

Packaging: Before we get to that, let’s start dissecting it from the outside-in. Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle Antioxidant Serum come in a dropper-type bottle. It gives off a nice luxurious feel despite its quaint size.

Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle Antioxidant Serum is packed with premium ingredients:-

Tocotrienol is high with premium Vitamin E and 40-60 times higher in antioxidants.

Niacinamide effectively rejuvenates the skin, reduce skin dullness and pre-mature skin. My skin looks brighter and healthier.

Olive oil prevents aging as it contains high antioxidants. My skin more moisture.

As for the texture, it's not tacky or slippery to deal with, which met my initial expectations. The Sanny & Joleen Antioxidant Serum utilizes its natural ingredients to lock-in moisture, vitamins, and antioxidants to protect the skin from dryness and heat in the environment. 

I try it out alone after cleansing. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky upon application. Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle Antioxidant Serum is dermatologist tested and safe to be used on the skin. 

  • GMP Certified 
  • No SLS
  • No Paraben
  • No Synthetic Fragrance
  • Register with Ministry of Health Malaysia
How to apply Antioxidant Serum?

1) Apply a few drops of Antioxidant Serum on the face and spread evenly.
2) Press gentle using tip of a finger to enhance blood circulation.
3) Pat gently on the face for better absorption.
4) Massage gently on the eye area. Repeat 3-5 times.

For more information, find out more at  or Whatsapp +6018-2594403 .

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