Tesalate Beach Towel To take With You To The Next Seaside Gateways

September 23, 2019

No matter you are jetting off to the beach, enjoying a pool view or onboard on a yacht, having a designer beach towel with you will complement the whole journey. Tesalate beach towel has drawn another chapter in my travel story.

Tesalate Beach Towel well known as Sand Free, lightweight and rapid drying towel.  Forget about the ugly and boring towels as Tesalate comes in stylish, colorful and  With its beautiful Aussie-inspired pattern in vibrant colours, this towel adds the fun to your getaway. I am attracted to Paradise Found and decide to add on to my shopping cart.

The towel beach comes in full size of 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches and compact when rolled and stuff in your bag.

These are the reason why you should purchase Tesalate Beach Towel?

Sand Free

If you’re specifically looking for a towel to use on the beach, but are tired of the sandy mess afterward, look no further than Tesalate Beach Towel. Using AbsorbLite™ technology, to keep the sand off from the towel and make it easy to pack up. The sand instantly vanishes when you brush or shake the towel. I love the smooth towel surface and come in two-layer design.

Ultra Absorbent

No worries when drying off after swimming as Tesalate has the best absorbent quality up to 1-liter water.  

Rapid- drying function 

Made of AbsorbLite™ technology, it is rapid-drying and never have mildew smells. The beach towel is machine washable and dry faster than a regular beach towel. And I even used it as Yoga mat.


If you’re going to be hauling your towel to the beach, you might want to consider the weight of your towel. This is where a good towel beach can come in handy for transporting all your gear. If you prefer a lightweight and quick-drying towel, Tesalate is the towel for you. Come with a small pouch and easily fit into your bag or luggage.

Tesalate also offers a bigger beach towel as they have various designs for two. You might get boring with the old fashion beach towel but Tesalate beach towel is more brightly-colored, unique and more noticeable designs to make them easier to spot on a beach full of towels. Tesalate is a perfect towel to bring along during your travel.

The towel is priced from USD 59 with free worldwide shipping. Tesalate Beach towel can be purchased at here For more information, you can check out Tesalate website at https://worldwide.tesalate.com/

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