Taiwanese Medical Treatment Helping Malaysians Say Goodbye to Diseases

September 17, 2019

Taiwan continues to be an attractive destination for Malaysians seeking quality medical treatment at reasonable prices. Malaysian still haunted by the killer disease. Heart disease still leading the cause of death among Malaysian. While Cancer is the second leading cause of death around the world and the incidence of cancer amongst Malaysian has been steadily climbing. Exploring ways to reduce the risks of cancer and improve survivability are goals that the global medical community is actively working towards. Medical tourism is a rising global phenomenon as travel becomes cheaper and information more widely available.

Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan will be organizing the Taiwan Healthcare Technology Introduction and Patient Sharing Session with co-organizer TAITRA. The conference will be held at Pullman KL City Centre on 19th September 2019.  A team of medical specialists from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital will be flying in to share their latest medical breakthroughs and case studies.

Presented at the conference is Prof. Liu Hui Ping (Chief of Department of Cardiothoracic surgery, CGMH, Linkou) whereby he will share about Taiwan’s advantages in the medical field, as well as the latest news regarding the fight against cancer from leading experts from Chang Gung Memorial.

During this session, a patient that recovering from trigeminal neuralgia (also known as TN or TGN) who sought treatment in Taiwan is is invited to share the treatment experience in Taiwan.

How Can Taiwan Medical Help Malaysian Patient?

Thinking a place for medical treatments but don't know where? Come to learn about Malaysian patient who sought treatment in Taiwan, this will give you a glimpse of how it is like to get treatments in Taiwan!

Do call to reserve a seat: 03-8023 7798, Ms Hon Zi Yean

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