Taiwan Medical Professionals Assisting Malaysian Patients Rediscover Your Confidence and Rediscover Life

September 24, 2019

The cost of living in Malaysia will inevitably increase exponentially and the cost of medical procedures will also rise in tandem. The cost of medical procedures has almost doubled.  Hence many patients seek medical treatment from Taiwan. Taiwan’s medical care is renowned for its high quality, advanced technology, professionalism and affordable pricing. In fact, the cost of medical treatment in Taiwan is typically one-fifth of comparable services in Europe and the US. 

How can Taiwan Medical help Malaysian patients?
Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare has appointed TAITRA to work with Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to organize a Taiwan Healthcare Tech Introduction and Patient Sharing event in Kuala Lumpur on the 19th of September 2019

During the conference, the organizer has invited Malaysian patients who have received treatment in Taiwan to share their experience.

A team of medical specialists from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital will be flying in to share their latest medical breakthroughs and case studies. Below are the name list of medical specialists:-

1) Prof. Lu Sheng Nan, the Vice Dean of Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
2) Prof. Liu Hui Ping, Dep. of Cardiothoracic surgery, CGMH, Linkou
3) Dr. Wang Chun Chieh, Vice Chief of Dep. of Proton and Radiation Therapy Center CGMH, Linkou
4) Dr. Huang Eng Yen, Chief of Dep. of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, CGMH, Kaohsiung.

The Taiwanese the medical industry is up to date with the latest in medical innovations, technologies, equipment and has highly trained medical professionals who are able to provide outstanding medical care and services. Hospitals in Taiwan continually upgrade the standard of care and there are currently 13 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals across Taiwan. According to figures from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan, more than 420,000 overseas patients have received treatment in Taiwan in 2018 and more than one-third of these patients were from Southeast Asia with Malaysians accounting for 20,000 patients. It is clear that Taiwanese medical treatment has gained the trust of the international audience and of many Malaysians.

Ms. Tasha Hsiao, Director of Taiwan Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur added that TAITRA has been actively promoting Taiwan’s medical services since 2008. In the early days, TAITRA mostly focused on promoting health screenings and medical beauty treatments, but has since expanded the scope to disease treatment, preventive medicine and other advanced services.

“Our invited panel of medical professionals will be explaining in detail the treatments available in Taiwan, the entire treatment process as well as the results of said treatment. In addition, we have also specially invited patients who have received treatment in Taiwan to share their experience of the process to gain invaluable insight from the patients’ perspective.”

According to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the number of Malaysians seeking treatment in the hospital has been steadily increasing. In the early days, most of these patients visited the hospital to treat infertility, dermatological problems and to have plastic surgery. More recently, there has been a marked increase in the number of cancer patients after Southeast Asia’s first proton treatment center was established. 

One such patient is Madam Huang (60-year-old) from Kuala Lumpur who was suffering from brain cancer and received brain surgery in 2018 but cancer had metastasized to her lung in 2019. Madam Huang flew to Taiwan’s Linkou Chang Gung Hospital for her integrated cancer treatment by lung tumor expert Dr. Wang Chun Chieh from the hospital’s Proton and Radiation Therapy Center. Ms. Huang’s condition improved after a series of photon and proton therapy, and she has since returned to Malaysia. Madam Huang’s family is confident that Taiwan’s integrated treatment is effective in helping patients to win the battle against the disease.

Another patient who has benefitted from Taiwan’s medical treatment is Mr. Cai from Johor who went to Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for trigeminal neuralgia. The neurosurgical team used CT and MRI navigation to accurately locate the problematic spot before using radiofrequency thermocoagulation to treat the target area and this non-invasive treatment was completed in 3 days. There has been more than 700 successful cases in China, the United States, Taiwan and Malaysia, as well as significant success in umbilical cord blood and liver transplants. Also present were oncologists specializing in different parts of the body to answer questions from those at the event.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is answering the call of the “One Country, One Center” policy under the Taiwanese government’s New Southbound Policy and will be establishing a platform to exchange knowledge between Taiwan and Malaysia. There are also future plans to invite medical students, resident doctors and specialists to Taiwan for training as well as to promote medical services in Taiwan to critically ill patients. Plans are also in the pipeline to introduce Taiwan’s medical information system to the Malaysian public and private hospitals as well as other medical equipment and medications in a bid to promote a greater level of professional exchange. Companies in the health industry are welcome to enquire about cooperation and investment opportunities in Taiwan. Please feel free to contact the Taiwan Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur anytime for more information.
Taiwan Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Email: kl@taitra.org.tw
Tel: +60-3-2031 2388
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