OSIM Innovative exercise machine brings fun and fitness into your living room

September 13, 2019

Who doesn't want to look fit but indoor cycling or treadmills are not your favorite. As you get bored eaily. Exercise can be fun when it combines elements like dancing or kickboxing because they are seen as more fun and enjoyable, in addition to being able to provide an effective whole-body workout.

Do you know dancing not only fun but it increases the heart health and lung function, as well as improves aerobic fitness, muscle tone and strength. According to Ms. Chia Sook Fun, OSIM Malaysia's general manager, "Since dancing is viewed as more enjoyable compared to conventional exercises, many health-conscious people are now looking toward dance-inspired workout programmes to meet their fitness goals."

A report by Department of Statistics (DOS) showed that the average weekly hours worked by employees in Malaysia was 45.5 hours. Half of the employees work 48 hours a week, meaning that many may be working beyond eight hours a day.

"It is with this situation in mind that we developed the OSIM uDance, our first dance-inspired exercise machine that enables users to experience fun and fulfilling dance-like workouts in the convenience of their home, in their own time," said Chia. Adding on to her speech, " Given that uDance users can choose to use it at their own time and convenience, this exercise machine is ideal for those who work extremely long hours. It is also easy to use, safe and almost effortless but effective. 

Users only need to sit and maintain their balance on the chair as the exercise machine moves, targeting lumbar muscle group. " As the body moves, the user's heartbeat will increase, enhancing their aerobic fitness, as well as working out other muscle groups that are activated when the user attempts to maintain balance," she said.

What is uDance's function:-
  • To emulate the movements of the hip during a typical dance.
  • Horizontal movement in the form of the number "8" that aids in developing a slim, fit and well-shaped body.
  • The movement is used for slimming exercises in Japan and Korea.
The exercise machine provides users with two types of an exercise programme:- Aerobics and toning. The aerobics programme offers a medium-high speed movement that focuses on improving the body's endurance and cardiovascular function, while the toning function offers a medium speed movement that aids in working out the core, waist and thigh muscles for a more toned and slim body.

Electromyogram tests (EMG) conducted in the same study also showed that using uDance increases activity in three muscles groups-the rectus abdominis or core, abdominal oblique or the waist area, and the rectus femoris or thighs by up to six times compared to walking at 4km per hour.

OSIM Malaysia is making the uDance very affordable by offering an easy-payment plan where customers will only need to pay RM60 per month for a period of 36 months to own the exercise machine. Those who are interested to know more, test the machine or purchase uDance are invited to visit any OSIM's outlets across the nation.

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